AllBlackX review


The Good
  • Provides with downloads
  • Features bonus sites
  • A fast loading site
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Low scene count
Site not working? Report! is one of the sites from the family, and just like its name and site design would want you to think: it focuses on producing high-end all-black porn movies.

It's a fairly new site, so there are only 14 scenes right now -- but one important thing to note is that your membership also includes access to other sites from the XEmpire family, and they are: HardX, DarkX, EroticaX and LesbianX. So all in all, you get quite a decent amount of content (over 1000+ scenes) for the price of one membership.


AllBlackX (as well as the other sites from the XEmpire family) offers the standard monthly ($24.95), quarterly ($59.85) and annual ($119.40) membership option.

You can subscribe either with a Credit Card or with one of the popular Gift Cards (over 100+ brands accepted) which is a good option if you care about your anonymity.

Is there a trial option?

There is a 2-day trial available for only $1.00 -- one caveat is that it only lets you stream the videos.

Are the scenes good?

Even though the scenes themselves are very high-end, I can't say that I liked their overall theme, directing or the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong though, if you like the actress you will have no problem enjoying the scene. But most of the scenes seem a bit too similar, and the whole lingerie-implies-status trope gets a bit boring.

Soundtrack is pretty cheesy, and actually doesn't fit the theme or the directing style of the scene, but at least it's muted down during the actual scene, so you won't hear it all that much.

How is the picture quality?

They offer streaming and downloading in the following resolutions: 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p and 2160p (4K).

I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I saw that they let you download the scene in any resolution you wish. It definitely helps if you want to watch it later, or if you simply wish to keep it in your porn archive. Important thing to note is that both the stream and the download are identical, so you won't get any increase in video or audio bitrate if you opt for the download version.

And to be frank, picture quality of each and every stream they offer is fairly decent, so you won't have any pixelization issues, although the watermark could be smaller. But that problem plagues pretty much every porn site out there.

Are there any bonus sites included with the membership?

Like I said earlier, you get access to HardX, DarkX, EroticaX and LesbianX -- they're mostly 1080p scenes featuring some of the top names from the adult industry, and the fact that you can download each and every one of the scenes makes the membership worth it (to me at least).

How is the layout of the site?

There is actually only one thing that annoyed the hell out of me: as soon as you login you're asked if you want to buy access to another site of theirs, and even though you can quite easily click on the very-prominent "no thanks" button, it's still rather annoying to be greeted with an offer, instead of the content catalogue itself.

Now as far as the actual site goes (once you dismiss the offer that is), it's very slick and simple looking. It makes use of responsive web design, so it will work on all of your devices, from the smallest one to the biggest one.

Navigating the site isn't particularly hard because there isn't all that much content right now, but there's still a search form available, and it lets you search by: video title, model name and DVD title.

One cool feature that I noticed is that they let you add scene markers, so you can just add a scene marker if you find something interesting about the moment, and you won't have to search for it like a crazy person later on.

They also let you comment on the scenes, which does help increase the community aspect of it all.

All in all, AllBlackX probably won't win any awards, but if you want to enjoy some high-end all-black couple porn scenes with your significant other, you definitely won't be disappointed.

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