About the Prime Porn List

Why Create and Trust the Prime Porn List?

Honestly, every other site does suck, and I mean that. There is barely a review that’s below 8 / 10 and even the trashiest, pure garbage sites receive decent scores. Why? Because of traffic, that’s it. You can’t have top sites lists and include hundreds of 2/10 sites, that’s just ridiculous.

How can the best sites be all of them? You can browse other review pages only to see users complaining about sneaky practices, download limits, whatever. Every reviewer is a sell-out piece of shit that only cares about a larger paycheck and nothing else.

Does a video player suck? Give it 9/10 with “a room for improvement” quote, whatever. Is it a new network with 20 videos? Yeah, that’s about 8 in my book. Which braindead person spends $9.99 / month to watch five videos with a single update per week? No one. Only those that get free accounts because it’s not their money. For the record, one of such sites sits at 6.5 rating on BL right now.

So, my goal with Prime Porn List is to push honest reviews that call out horrible sites and crap on big ones, if they suck. Also, most reviews feature nothing but short descriptions and information that’s not relevant. I do want to know about the content and much more, hence my spin with categories breakdown. The same goes with sample videos that I give you for free, without a paywall.

About the Author, Donald Cump

Hi, my name is Donald and I’ve spent all my prime years jerking off to my own imagination and hairy female pictures of random magazines. Having discovered the Internet in the late 90s, it’s now my mission to find the best fapping material there is. Follow this incredible journey as I review hundreds of adult sites, escaping reality and occasionally crying myself to sleep.

The History of Prime Porn List?

The idea isn’t all that new but the PrimePornList has been first launched in 2018. It took me years to craft reviews and by the end of 2021 there should be close to 1,000 detailed reviews. Not bad for a single guy who spends his own money, right?

I’ve done a lot of work in late 2020 and yes, I’ve decided to go for the quality instead of quantity. Every day I’m punishing my dick with more content, just so you don’t have to waste your own orgasms and bucks.