B2WBlog review


The Good
  • Amateur interracial porn
  • Lots of hot homemade videos
  • Comes with a great forum
  • Simple, clean site
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Lack of sorting options
  • Limited pagination
  • No downloads
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The b2wblog or the Black To White blog is where you can check out all kinds of interracial homemade porn clips collected from a variety of sources. On top of that, you can access a large and active user forum through this blog.

Most of the content here involves white ladies getting smashed with big black dicks. There are thousands of clips available on the b2wblog.com as well as photos and small amateur galleries. You can also rate and comment on each post without registering. In regards to quality, the majority look pretty good for homemade interracial porn and last at least a few minutes. The video player works well and everything loads quickly, at least everything that we tried. The only thing we don't like is that you don't have an option to download the videos. After browsing a bit, we can also say that you'll find everything from pussy fucking to anal in a variety of positions, and all kinds of oral sex. Finally, if you have a video or photo to share, you can easily upload it without registration.

Although we love the videos on B2W blog, the sorting options are not good. The only thing you can do is browse with limited pagination or click on a category if they're listed along with a post description. There's no separate list of tags or categories. Worse yet, we don't see a basic search; only a few featured popular videos to the side and a drop-down menu for a top rated videos filter. Luckily, the layout looks good; the site is clean and loads fast. As a bonus, you get a forum for interracial dating and porn called BlackToWhite.net that's buzzing with activity and content.

If you want to watch real homemade interracial porn videos and photos and don't mind a lack of sorting options, then the B2Wblog is a good choice.

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