HentaiCafe review

The Good
  • 3,500+ translated hentai comics
  • Lots of uncensored content
  • Clean, simple, easy-to-use site
  • Mostly high-quality content
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • No download feature


Users’ Rating

Lovers of free hentai comics that don't know about Hentai.Cafe should check it out as soon as possible because this clean site packed with content is a sight for sore eyes after reviewing so man ad-infested places.

Among 397 pages and 3,500+ translated comics here, you can explore categories like anal, bondage, cheating, teacher, x-ray, uncensored, and so on. The artists featured here include Aiue Oka, Akagi Asahito, Ryu Shinonome, and Bota Mochito. The majority of the comics on Hentai Cafe are black and white, but you can also find around 200 in full color, and many of them seem to be high-quality. Besides shorter editions with twenty or so pages, there are over sixty 200+ page hentai comic books here which, mostly in full color. One downside is that downloads aren't available, so you'll have to save one page at a time.

The layout and design of the site is excellent, and it looks just as good on mobile devices. HentaiCafe is dead simple, squeaky clean, and a joy to use. You can browse all the comics or sort them according to artist, category or book. Once you open one, you'll see a thumb, tags, and the artist under the title and a button to read online which opens up a new page. There,  you can use the arrow keys or WASD to scroll up and down or move from page to page, but there's also a drop-down menu to jump to a page of your choice. And that's it. If were to nitpick, we'd want to see a feature to favorite comics, suggestions for related ones, and a slideshow option.

Hentai Cafe has an extensive collection of translated and uncensored hentai comics (full color and B&W) and many books. It's clean, simple, and easy to use, but doesn't offer a download option. Still, anyone into hentai should check it out.