HypnoHub review

The Good
  • Imageboard for the hypnosis fetish
  • Lots of original artwork
  • Large, active community
  • Good user features
  • Mobile Support
The Bad


Users’ Rating

Hypno Hub is an image board with a focus on hypnosis-themed content which users find all over the internet and repost here. Sources include websites like deviant art, but you can also find plenty of original artwork.

Most of the posts on HypnoHub.net fall into the cartoon porn category with lots of drawings and illustrations. The pictures show many different characters from movies tv shows, animes, and video games. For example, things like pokemon, my little pony, and yu gi oh. The hypnosis subcategories found here include things like lobotomy, body control, possession, and so on. There's also furry porn, BDSM, bestiality, and vore (vorarephilia) which is an erotic desire to consume or be consumed by another person or creature.

Besides a minimalist layout, Hypno Hub also only has a few banners which keep the site looking pretty clean. The site is divided into more or less self-explanatory sections like posts, comments, a list of artists and tags, chat, and so on. However, there are also plenty of resources like the wiki and help if image boards are new to you, or if you want to know the site guidelines and rules. Navigation here might seem daunting at first, but HypnoHub has some useful features such as the autocomplete search, the ability to blacklist specific tags and content from being listed, and pools (collections of related images).

If you're a fan of cartoon porn and artwork spiced up with hypnosis related fetishes, BDSM, bestiality or vore, then HypnoHub.net is going to reel you right in. It has some good user features, and an active community underpinning a vast collection of content.