NameThatPorn review


The Good
  • Help you name a pornstar or amateur
  • Has straight, gay, and shemale content
  • Good features & sorting options
  • Active, well-organized site
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
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If you've ever come across a porn photo, video or GIF and wanted to know the source, then Name That Porn is for you. It gathers porn lovers into a community that helps each other discover similar content, video titles, porn star names or more content from a particular amateur or cam girl.

When you first open up, you'll see a list of thumbs which you can sort into pictures, videos, and porn GIFs, or view them all. Once opened, registered users can leave comments, upvote, flag, and see the source of the posted content. Besides straight porn, there's also the option to view gay and transsexual posts or any combination of the three. Moreover, there are more general threads where people ask for more content within a specific niche, similar pornstars, or discuss the biggest asses in porn, for example. When you combine all of them, you get a wide variety of posts that cover amateurs, pornstars, cam girls, and every porn category you could think of. To keep things well organized, the site has a set of guidelines and rules for both posting and commenting, along with a list of 46 allowed content hosts.

To post, comment, follow posts and gain access to other useful features, you will need to complete a free registration. However, even without registration, NameThatPorn is a great place to browse around and has a few useful ways of sorting its content, as well as tags in every post. What's more, there's a point system which awards answers and ranks users into top lists. The only minor downside is that you'll come across some pop-unders as well as ads mixed in with post thumbnails.

NameThatPorn is a small, straightforward website that brings together people who help each other identify pornstars and amateurs, and give suggestions for similar content. It has useful features, not too many ads, and plenty of active users.

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