Oglaf review

The Good
  • Funny and well-drawn comics
  • Clean, easy-to-use and minimalist site
  • New content every Sunday
  • Online shop
The Bad


Users’ Rating

Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne are the brains behind award-winning site Oglaf.com which posts funny and often sexually explicit webcomics each Sunday that millions of people come to see.

If you're expecting hardcore hentai porn with tentacle fucking, mind control and internal cumshots, this is not the place for you. The comics here a one-pagers most of the time with about ten frames and usually a fantasy twist to them with recurring characters, lots of humor, some social commentary, sexual innuendos, and often but not always sexually explicit scenes. The artwork and style are great, and the comics have been praised for covering LGBT themes as well as including people of color.

The site is well-designed and minimalistic. There are a few creative and unintrusive ads to the side and sometimes below comics which lead you to the store or their Patreon page. You can go back and forth with the next and previous buttons to show comics, or go into the archive where you'll see a long list of thumbs with titles and a "safe" label if a comic isn't sexually explicit. Other than that, you can visit the online store which has lots of cool prints, t-shirts, a collection of Oglaf comics in book form, as well as lots of other merch, books, comics, podcasts, and music from other artists that work under the Topatoco name.

Oglaf.com is a simple,well-designed site which produces quality comics with a fantasy twist that are funny, sometimes sexually explicit and inclusive when it comes to LGBT themes. They're great for a quick chuckle, they come out each Sunday, and you can also buy cool merch and various products from their online store. We can't think of any downsides to this place.