RealLifeCam review



The Good
  • Great cam quality, 7/24 streams
  • Lots of excellent features
  • Plenty of nudity and hardcore content
  • Large library of recorded videos
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Full access requires a paid membership
  • Smaller number of models
  • No live chat or private messages
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RealLifeCam takes the webcam show idea and runs with it using the motto "the private life of other people live 24/7." This premium cam site lets you watch people wherever they go in their apartment by using half a dozen or more cams set up to cover multiple angles and rooms.

The site offers around 20 apartments and over 300 cameras, but there aren't any cam to cam shows, live chats, or private messages. Real Life Cam categorizes the models into couples, roommates or singles, and women or couples on vacation. Most of the models seem to be hot European girls on the younger side and they get into straight and lesbian sex or go solo as part of the deal. Cam quality is excellent overall, and there is a large number of useful user features, but most of them are not available unless you sign-up and pay for a premium membership. Moreover, premium members can access all of the camera angles, instead of just one or two. Besides live streams, you can check out replays, but again, the best videos will require a premium membership and tokens.

RealLifeCam doesn't have ads, so it looks clean and seems easy and intuitive to use. Streams run smoothly, and everything we checked out worked well. The user features that we really likes were the keyboard shortcuts and all the viewing options such as two or more cams at the same time, auto-detection, motion-detection, as well as the apartment plan overview with camera icons.

Those of you who are used to freemium cam sites might not like, and it's model oriented towards premium memberships. However, it's undeniable that it builds on the live cam sex idea and offers tons of cool features and plenty of nudity and hardcore content.

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