SankakuComplex review

The Good
  • Covers various anime, manga, game topics
  • New articles posted daily
  • Active comment section
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Lots of non-adult material
  • No easy way to list porn content
  • Some Ads


Users’ Rating

Sankaku Complex is a hugely popular blog dedicated to anime, manga, video games, and various related content that gets over 30 million visits each month.

The posts here are split broadly into Anime, Manga, Games, and Japan, and they aren't all sex-related, but offer lots of variety nonetheless. For instance, you can check out articles about new game trailers, VR gear, hot cosplay models, action figures, news from various events, as well as posts with high-quality GIFs and whole galleries with mostly nude and erotic content, besides some hardcore material here and there. Each post has nice a thumb (sometimes animated) and lists the date of publishing, the number of comments it has and includes at least a few well-written sentences if it's more of a gallery post.

Overall, this site looks slick and works well on mobile devices even though it has a few animated banners that might be distracting. We like that the content is categorized, but more specific niches would be a welcome addition for anyone that wants to see big tits, monster porn, half-naked cosplay models, etc., or to list x-rated or adult material. Right now, there's no tag list on the site, despite tagged posts, so you can either do a basic search or click on one of the tags to find more similar content. While the SankakuComple has a forum, registrations are closed at the moment, but it's not very active and seems hard to navigate. Luckily, the comment section is usually busy, and anyone can leave a message.

If you're interested in anime, manga, cosplay, video games and Japan, chances are you're going to like as this site publishes multiple blog posts per day, and offers plenty of titillating photos, GIFs, and videos.