SexJK review


The Good
  • Real homemade Arab porn
  • 700+ videos, a handful of galleries
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Almost no sorting options
  • Site requires Google Translate
  • Mostly lower quality videos
  • No downloads
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With all the tension caused by war and immigration from the MiddleEast, it's always good to relieve some of it with a healthy dose of Arab porn with a site like SexJK.

If you don't know Arabic, you'll have to translate the page first. The content here is split into photos and videos. The photo section on small, and only has around 30 galleries with mixed hot, nude and porn pictures featuring amateurs and pornstars. As far as videos go, you'll be able to check out around 700, mostly homemade and amateur from places like Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Syria, various Gulf states, as well as a small mix of western clips, and some studio-made porn videos. They involve everything from hidden cam showers to oral and fucking. The quality is lower on average, and there are no options to adjust streaming quality or to download the videos.

Navigating the site is going to be a bit difficult for those who don't know Arabic, but Google Translate does wonders, so you'll be able to figure out which category is which, even with the slightly broken translation. To explore content you have only categories and a section for photos and videos. There are no filters on Sex JK for anything or a basic search for that matter. Furthermore, you can't add favorites, comments, or leave ratings. Luckily, everything loads quickly, but you will see a few pop-ups, some cam site ads, and worst of all, a video player add that you have to watch and skip after.

Most of you know what lengths guys go to to get pussy, so if you're dead-set on watching real homemade Arab porn from around the Middle East, you won't mind that is in Arabic and that it has practically no sorting options and no downloads - two of it's biggest downsides.

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