Sis Loves Me review

Sis Loves Me

The Good
  • Features playful porn scenarios
  • Adorable and kinky stepsisters
  • Comes free with membership
  • Mostly new teen performers
  • Acting is better than average
  • Filmed mostly in POV angle
  • No download limitations
  • Immersive fantasies
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Should push more updates
  • Th tags sidebar is bloated
  • No anal
Site not working? Report!
  • Number of Videos: 240
  • Pornstars: 175
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Team Skeet
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Sis Loves Me

This is a free bonus site of the Team Skeet network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

SisLovesMe is a bread and butter of Team Skeet and remains their most popular site. Founded in 2015, its stepbrother and stepsister themed content has enough fans to keep the site going for millennia. Ran independently for the first year and then got acquired in 2016 by the said company. The almost incestual nature of the site is as close to taboo porn as you can legally get.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Most of the videos are split into few different scenes which means that can very much double or triple the total number.

All Videos (240)
POV (208)
Boy / Girl (207)
Teen (198)
Casual Wear (180)
Taboo (173)
Cinematic Story (129)
Reality (100)
Brunette (94)
Blonde (91)
Amateur (60)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

Every day is Valentine’s day on SisLovesMe with bright red themes and yellow text. That almost sounds like an example of bad design, but contrasts aren’t too striking in real life. Latest videos are featured in the slider at the top while the rest of site is reserved for most popular movies and sisters. It looks modern and loads fast. More importantly, there are no heavy components that push your browser or low-end computer to its limits.

Story is different for logged in users as it goes straight to the TeamSkeet layout, which is well laid out. There are some issues with tag section load times, but everything else worked like a charm. Might want to check our full review for mode tails. However, there’s nothing to be anxious about since all videos feature same theme content and tagging is not that useful.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

Most recent, if not all the SisLovesMe videos, start with a scene’s name and goes straight to the script. There aren’t any pre-rolls filled with music or so. Filming style is that of POV from the brother’s perspective. Yes, exceptions apply with some cuts where you have a static camera as a requirement. For instance, while sister takes a shower and stepbrother is yet to show up. However, the face of a male performer is never seen and that helps with immersion.

There’s a nice flow to at least the half of these scenes where it doesn’t feel too forced. If you’ve ever had a sister, then these should ring you a bell. Up to the point of sexual touching and fucking. Videos with annoying stepbrother yelling to let him take a shower, because you know, women take forever! Creepy brother watching his sister masturbate through the open-door gap or blackmailing for some bizarre findings in their closet.

There are three or more scenarios cooked in a single video. At first, it’s harder for a stepbrother or stepsister to get into panties as you have plenty of talk. Some end with a blowjob and that’s it. However, there are follow-up scenes (in the same video) where things progress from fooling around to fucking and so on. It’s a refreshing take since you get to see same performers doing multiple things, without having to download anything extra.

Not every video revolves around a horny brother as you have few slutty stepsisters too. Where SisLovesMe creates is charm is in the acting. You have sisters calling brothers all kinds of names and it plays well with senses. From random teasing to curse words as they ask for sexual favors.

Regarding performers, I was more than happy with all of them. Performance was that of a professional amateur. There are no extreme blowjobs in every scene with tears in their eyes. It’s more of a casual thing plus some hardcore sex in like 20% of the scenes. Community seems to be happy with guys and girls although there’s one guy “Wrex Oliver” that receives some hate comments. Can’t understand why and you can avoid his videos.

#4a. Update Frequency

Like many other bonus sites for Team Skeet, Sis Loves Me goes with a single weekly upload. It might not sound impressive, but that’s until you combine all the 20+ bonus sites that follow the same formula.

#4b. Pornstars

What’s the most important part of POV porn? Bodies! There’s a balance of darker (not black) and white dicks. Hence if you want to immerse yourself, it’s more than plausible. Unless you’re a walking encyclopedia of underground male pornstars, you won’t recognize any. That’s a pro in my book.

In terms of pornstars, every sister is teen or looks like one. Team Skeet focuses on teen porn entirely so there are no women of 40-years old that pretend to be schoolgirls or what not. Most are white with some light exotics and better than average looking. There’s a random ugly chick from time to time, hence I’ll say that 1 out of 8 were not of my taste.

If you want to jump straight to acting quality, watch the recent video with Avery Cristy. It has one of the greatest intros that will make you fall in love with the site and performers. I wish all their videos were like that as some performers (or plots) aren’t as natural. Occasional giggles or teases aren’t uncommon either.

Female pornstars are newcomers to porn and it works to SisLovesMe benefit since you don’t have previous associations with most of them. They do get an occasional slut that’s as famous as Titanic (examples being Jasmine Grey and Abella Danger), but these scenes aren’t any better than the rest.

#5. Conclusion

I did not expect to like content as much as I did. In fact, I was ready to rate it mediocre at best prior seeing any of the videos. Why? Because these fantasies were never of my liking, but it all changed with SisLovesMe. The immersive POV angle and silly (with some believable) scenarios made me horny in more ways than one.

Honestly, this is so far the best site of this theme I’ve ever seen. It’s a must try for any TeamSkeet member and now I know why it’s #1 on the whole network.

9 Total Score
A Perfect POV Porn Site

My personal favorite site for stepsister porn.

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