TheFappening2015 review

The Good
  • Thousands of celebrity photos
  • Leaks, promo, and paparazzi pictures
  • Simple site
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Almost no sorting options
  • Not all posts are leaks


Users’ Rating

For fans of celebrity nudes and leaks, the Fappening was a life-changing event, and is a site dedicated to just that, as well as sharing sexy photos of various famous babes.

This simple blog site has an impressive A-Z list with hundreds of names featuring models, actresses, various TV personalities, and other famous hotties. Once you click on a name, you'll get a list of posts with a thumb and description that you can open up to see the whole gallery which can sometimes be from a single source, but often from various places like leaks, Instagram and paparazzi photos. This means you might see anything from public celebrity pictures with hot outfits, nip slips, and so on, to nude and hardcore content. Moreover, since the sources vary, the quality of the photos varies as well, and if you want to download, you'll have to do so one picture at a time because there's not an option to download a whole post.

There's not much to TheFappening2015 site. You can basically browse the latest posts and flip through pages to go back chronologically or pick form an A-Z list of celebrities if you have a specific chick you want to check out. Aside from that, there's a list of tags, and that's it. There's not even a basic search. On the upside, the site loads everything quickly, works on mobile devices as good as it does on desktops and doesn't have many ads if you don't count the links to similar sites. has a nice collection of celebrity photos which include leaks and things like Twitter, Instagram, Paparazzi, and photo shoot pictures. The problem is that there are no sorting options except for an A-Z list of names and some tags, so you're left with browsing pages of posts to find leaks or specific content.