AdultDeepFakes review

The Good
  • Deepfake and celebrity lookalike porn videos
  • Forum for registered users
  • Countdown timer for new clips
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Few sorting options
  • Some low-quality videos


Users’ Rating

Most of us love celebrity leaks and paparazzi photos, but if you want to go one step further, then a site like will take you there. It posts porn videos with faces of famous babes superimposed onto pornstars as well as content with lookalikes.

The site currently has 900+ clips, both deepfake porn videos, and pornstar celebrity lookalikes. You can see titles mentioning celebrities from around the world and different professions such as acting, sports, modeling, and so on. The fake content here is made by various users using a free app called FakeApp as well as with other means, so you can't always expect an uncanny resemblance, but it can get you into the ballpark which goes for the lookalikes as well. However, there are also videos here on AdultDeepFakes where the girls look nothing like their supposed doppelgangers. When it comes to length and quality, videos usually last a few minutes and are average to low quality most of the time with no way to list HD content if there is any and no option to download the videos.

If you like minimalism at the expense of features, then you'll love Adult Deep Fakes. Otherwise, you'll miss things like categories, and sorting filters, but will at least have a list of celebrities and a basic search feature to help you navigate the content. You can also rate videos and leave replies, and register if you want to use the forums to make requests, learn about making deepfakes and to upload your videos. Lastly, you will notice some banners for cam sites, but otherwise, this place is clean, and the videos load quickly.

Hundreds of deepfakes and celebrity lookalike porn videos are available on AdultDeepFakes, but the videos can be hit and miss and low quality sometimes. Besides that, you get almost no sorting options.