Chyoa review


The Good
  • Many interactive sex stories
  • Well-designed site
  • Great community, active forum
  • Useful guides
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Popup
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CHYOA is an interesting site that hosts interactive adult stories where the readers determine the outcome by way of multiple choices. Members can write and submit their own stories, get feedback, and let other users continue their work. Other than beastiality, underage sex, and extreme violence, you are free to write in whatever niche you want. has close to 10,000 interactive sex stories and over 330,000 chapters with choices available in the style of choose-your-own-adventure books. Among categories, you'll find BDSM and bisexual stories, cheating spouses, fan fiction, fantasy, fetish, lesbian and gay stories, to name a few things. Most stories are written in English, but there's also a large section for Foreign Language works.

As a member, you can write your own stories which can be kept private (only you can modify them) or be made public and moderated (other users can contribute). In both situations, users have to first submit their work for review before being published. As a general rule, first chapters should be at least 250 words with additional chapters being at least 100.

The site has some banners and a pop-under but offers a modern design with lots of useful features. For instance, each story has detailed about page with a short synopsis, information about POV (1st person, 3rd person, male, female, etc.), category, language, views, likes and number of chapters. There's also can a well-written guide for newcomers, and an active forum to discuss stories and writing techniques with other members.

CHYOA features thousands of interactive sex stories in a variety of niches. Users can publish their own work and let others contribute chapters, discuss ideas on a forum or just read adult stories that cover lots of different categories.

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