GifPornTube review


The Good
  • 120,000+ GIFs
  • Lots of variety with 100+ categories
  • Simple, relatively clean website
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Mostly lower to average GIF quality
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Anyone on the fence between photos and videos, can check out all the free porn GIFs on and explore an almost endless amount of animated gifs - from funny and hot, to softcore, hardcore, and plain bizarre or kinky.

GIF Porn Tube has over 2,500 pages of GIFs or, in other words, well over 120,000 Gifs. They are split into an excess of 100 categories, so it's easy to find something to fap to no matter how specific your turn-ons are. We're partial to amateurs, teens, and facesitting, but you can see things like fetish GIFs, gagging, gangbangs, hot grannies, Indian sluts, medical roleplay, sports, voyeurs, webcam girls, and plenty of other stuff. GIF quality is average most of the time, so spreading them full-screen won't usually yield impressive results, and you can download them all with a right click.

GIFpornTube uses a simple layout that might look a bit dated, but at least there aren't that many ads, so it seems relatively clean. The content can be sorted according to newest, top rated and most viewed, or you can dive into the categories page, use the basic search, and finally take advantage of a simple pornstar index that has an A-Z filter and content overview for each model. Then Viewing GIFs here, by default, you'll see it's original size, but you can also tile and stretch each one. What we'd love to see is a way to increase and decrease the size gradually. Finally, registered users can manage favorites, upload, and comment, along with a few other options.

The number of GIFs on is impressive, but the quality is low to average most of the time, while the user interface is simple, reasonably clean, and offers a few basic sorting and viewing options for the GIFS.

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