RedGIFs review


The Good
  • HD and SD optimized uploads
  • Anyone can upload and share
  • Loits of solid porn material
  • Many GIFs have sound
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • No min. resolution requirement
  • Discovery features are missing
  • Useless functions like follow
  • Hot porn GIFs are the same
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  • Last Updated: January 10, 2021

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#1. About RedGIFs

There was a time when people cherished adult content and tried to benefit the community. I’m talking about the sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur, GFYCat and so many others. Well, as soon as any decent content sharing site grows, all thanks to the NSFW pictures or movies, they tell everyone to go to hell and prevent people from sharing the good kind of imagery. Every site but Reddit has banned porn where GFYCat was rebranded to RedGIFs and focuses solely on porn. In other words, they have been split apart and now have new owners.

I guess you could call RedGIFs the savior of porn. I wonder how will GFYCat move forward and whether it will become the worthless pile of junk that Tumblr is…

#2. First Impressions

RedGIFs follows a familiar formula of GFYCat and that makes perfect since since they were once related. After the move, there were rather serious issues regarding the GIF loading speed, but as of now, these have been solved. That’s why the first impression is of a rather strong site. Thankfully, we didn’t review the page a few months earlier. The layout is clean and easy to follow. There are dozens of randomized GIFs (some with sound) on the front page, so it’s easy to get clicking (and dicking).

#3. Content & User Experience

What kind of content even exists on one of the more interesting GIF porn sites? It’s all about the users and there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of porn GIFs of all kind. The site is strong as much as the community and in this regard, RedGIFs is also playing the top game. People willingly upload and share GIFs all over the place and that’s why it will never run out of the content.

Now, since the uploads are (probably) unmoderated, there is some low-quality junk that the uploader viewed as valuable and uploaded. I don’t see these GIFs ever taking off in the trending seciotn or such, but that’s the consequence of the community-controlled site. Having said that, the quality and content itself is great, not bad. I just wish the minimum resolution requirement was there. Just to filter out at least the worst of “offenders”. Who wants to watch porn in 240 x 240 res anyway? Of course, if you insist on 4K at 60 FPS with sound and GIFs to be 15 minutes long, then premium is the only way. You know, for the best porn sites and such. They are not free though.

#4. Conclusion

Now that the page speed and load issues have been mostly solved, RedGIFs could take off. There’s no shortage of porn and if that’s what you’re after, grab your cum socket and browse around.

8.5 Total Score
Porn GIFs Reloaded

A cool “startup” with its roots going back to the GFYCat.

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