iLoopIt review


The Good
  • Large collection of different Porn GIFs
  • Useful search features
  • GIFs sources
  • GIF creator
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • No feature to resize GIFs
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When you're in a rush or just want to see one incredibly hot move or part of a porn scene over and over again, GIFs are the answer, and has tons of them.

The collection of porn GIFs here is massive and includes amateur, homemade, and premium porn, as well as webcam girls, while the funny and reaction GIF section is out of order. The GIFs are split according to tags like couple, teen, blonde, hardcore, domination, office, transsexual, gay, wrestling, and yoga, but include a long list of others, so there something for everyone here, no matter how plain, kinky, or specific you want to be. Some of the GIFs on also have sources listed, so you can watch the video and often download it from the source website. Quality, of course, varies and is made worse by the fact that GIFs are automatically shown in what amounts to full-screen mode, instead of being appropriately resized.

iLoopIT could do a few things to make their website easier to use. First of all, the thumbs tend to be too big, and as mentioned, some lower quality GIFs are shown stretched across the screen when they would look better in a smaller size, and there's no feature to resize them manually. Secondly, pagination instead of infinite scrolling would be a better option. Other than that, search options are relatively good, though, and you can search tags, or users by rank, A-Z, and by the score which comes from rating GIFs. There's also a GIF maker here and the option to upload your GIFs and share them.

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