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She's New

The Good
  • The best site for new pornstars
  • Has galleries and screencaps
  • Close to 300 amateur videos
  • Mostly 18-year old sluts
  • All filmed in the POV
  • Superb video quality
  • No download limits
  • Rich site features
  • Video interviews
  • Looks authentic
  • Fast downloads
  • Great design
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Needs a 2nd mic for interviews
  • I wish it was shot in 4K
  • Slow to load tags
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  • Number of Videos: 284
  • Pornstars: 315
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Team Skeet
  • Last Updated: April 14, 2021

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#1. About She's New

This is a free bonus site of the Team Skeet network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

As the pioneers of the teen porn, ShesNew is a site featuring never seen before performers that want to get into the adult industry. It’s all simple, you have an 18-year old pornstar answering questions and then testing her skills for the very first time. It’s as exciting as it sounds, and they’ve been doing that since 2001!

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

You can view a full list of categories and TeamSkeet niches in our main review. Let’s breakdown the top 10 of this site.

All Videos (284)
Teen (265)
Natural Tits (243)
Amateur (206)
18 (194)
POV (153)
Debut (94)
Blonde (88)
Masturbation (51)
Casting (30)
Living Room (28)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

The design of ShesNew website is different since it redirects you to the TeamSkeet homepage. It’s all very professional looking with dark tones and bright thumbnails. All of which are handpicked. You can find the ShesNew site separately as one of the niches while browsing their main page. That’s where the main screenshot is from while the rest is from the main network itself.

Visitors can browse around the recent uploads and get to know other bonus sites as there are so many of them. At the top of the menu there are videos and series tabs along with models. If you click on the latter, a cool looking page loads where it shows latest pornstars. Not all of them are from the ShesNew site, of course, but from the whole network. In addition to that, people can then view their latest scenes and watch trailers, which is the best part!

Due to the dozens of videos that are uploaded monthly, there are no hidden attributes. From upload dates to scene descriptions, it’s all up for the grabs. Even if you’re not paying a dime. As soon as you login, the experience is generally very good with the only downside being a heavy tags bar. That thing takes ages to load and by that, I mean 2-5 seconds. They haven’t redesigned it yet. Everything else is superb, from community to great thumbnails and friendly user interface.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

In terms of content, this is probably one of the most interesting sites. That’s because these pornstars talk and tell their stories. As a result, every video feels fresh, unique and different from the rest. The sex is all same, but you get to know their characters, kinks, etc. You have the shy ones that can barely look at the camera and the naughty ones. It’s all part of the fun and one can never know what kind of slut will appear next.

Since new pornstars range in their skill level and commitment, there’s always something to be excited about. The last video I’ve watched, for example, had a girl who was trying her best to deepthroat a dick. Dixie was less than comfortable, choking at the end with tears in her eyes while my dick was as hard as titan. That’s what most of us want to see from the new porn movie, real sex scenarios in their finest.

What’s the typical scenario? Each video starts with an interview that goes from 5 to 15 minutes. Some questions are always the same. For example, asking about the age at which a new slut lost her virginity, what turns her on, etc. The pornstar, as the time goes, slowly gets naked, shows her ass and pussy, then fingers or plays with herself and goes to taste the dick.

Everything is filmed in the POV (point of view) angle and that means no annoying faces of a male pornstar. The average length of many videos is of around 40 minutes although you can find some with the length of 60 minutes.

There’s a single downside. I wish ShesNew producers used a second microphone for the female pornstar because male’s voice is much louder, especially if a woman is sitting far away. Not good for the interviews.

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#4a. Update Frequency

On average, there are two to three new uploads every month.

#4b. Pornstars

A lot of pornstars are 18-year old, so this is like the perfect setting for both amateur and teen porn. One can’t get much better than that. Don’t expect known names since the whole point is to expose you to new pornstars.

However, you can go back in time and find some of the debut videos from now insanely known pornstars. Women like Riley Reid from 2011, Piper Perri from 2015 or Dakota Skye from 2013! It’s like a time machine. Assuming you’ve followed these performers for years, it’s more than interesting to watch their first-time videos and hear about their plans. Now, some of these sluts went nowhere and simply disappeared from the industry. That’s just how business works and it’s all good.

There are two main guys that interview new pornstars, Filthy Rich and Brother Love. Previous years have had Johnny Tattoo and Jay Rock. None of them are particularly obnoxious, which is good. You have some good questions, even a little joke from time to time. Their faces are never shown which is how POV porn should be.

#5. Conclusion

This is my favorite amateur teen porn website. ShesNew team has started doing the POV interview videos long before everyone else and I consider them to be the originals creators of this niche. Whether you like debut videos, amateurs or teens, this site will fulfill all your cravings.

Now, with the memberships you also get to access dozens of other sites for free. However, I’d have no problem paying for ShesNew bonus page alone.

10 Total Score
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Horny amateurs looking for a quick buck.

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