Shop Lyfter review

Shop Lyfter

The Good
  • Has mostly unknown pornstars
  • Free when you join TeamSkeet
  • Acceptable upload schedule
  • Creative and unique setting
  • Downloads don’t cost extra
  • Believable body searches
  • Free galleries included
  • Community section
  • Mostly good acting
  • Very long videos
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Some might want faster uploads
  • Had download interruptions
  • Just close to 200 videos
  • Bad tagging system
Site not working? Report!
  • Number of Videos: 220
  • Pornstars: 263
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Team Skeet
  • Last Updated: April 14, 2021

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#1. About Shop Lyfter

This is a free bonus site of the Team Skeet network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

The space of reality porn is getting crowded these days as movie producers do their best to one up each other. One of the most successful experiments so far is the “spy camera” site ShopLyfter. The premise is simple, it’s all about the corrupt bodyguard that notices a lemon stealing whore and confronts her in a private room.

Founded in the early summer of 2016, ShopLyfter become one of the fastest growing sites on the network.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

For a full breakdown with dozens of categories, see our original TeamSkeet review.

All Videos (263)
No Condom (190)
Indoor (182)
Office (169)
Teen (165)
Casual Wear (159)
Reality (106)
Cinematic Story (87)
Jeans (77)
Private (59)
Camel Toe (37)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

In a traditional porn site fashion, it’s a page with black background and eye-catching thumbnails. While these aren’t interactive and don’t rotate on mouse over, things change once you login. Even more, the paying members can watch the full video and skip through it via the thumbnail alone and jump to the specific part with a single click.

Regarding guest users, you hit on any of the video thumbnails and can either watch the free trailer or join the site. To stop those that masturbate to trailers only, ShopLyfter limits stream quality to 480p. Having said that, it’s just for the anonymous users and the Full HD option unlocks after the payment. Trailers are not just five second cuts either, most are more than a minute long.

As for credibility, ShopLufter shows the upload date as well as description and a featured pornstar, which is like a cherry on top. Then there are pornstars page and all the refund policies and other legal jazz at the bottom.

Overall, it’s a nice and simple site with thumbnails that maybe are bit too large. Let’s talk quality.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

The first surprise that you will get from either streaming or downloading your first scene is in duration. Most of the ShopLyfter videos are at around the 60-minute mark, which is a lot. Now that you think about it, a single release per week is enough, unless you skip through the videos. Everything else would feel like a constant strain on your time. This is probably the first and last time that I say something like that.

After a short intro, videos start with a security guy (the face is always blurred) bringing the potential shop lifter into his office and confronting. These sessions can last for as long as 30-minutes as they refuse to take off their sneakers, blouses and so on. This part is as realistic as it gets, the resistance is always there. However, as soon the talk revolves around the police, they eventually get naked. There are metal detectors and all kinds of surprises hidden inside these shop lifters bodies.

I’ve seen money hidden in panties that had to be removed, jewelry in bras and stuff inside their pussies. It’s a slow buildup and if you have time, watch without skipping. Perhaps the only annoying part is the “waiting hour” where females are sitting there in an empty room for five minutes doing pretty much nothing while you watch it all through security camera.

After the stolen goods are found, it’s usually the security guard that tells them to pick either jail or sexual favors and you know how that goes. There’s a rare anal scene too and some bad POV, but most of the stuff is filmed with a static camera.

I also suggest watching newer videos first as they have much a much better material to begin with. In other words, awful angles have been reduced to the minimum. The wort was where you experienced the porn scene from the perspective of a female in a missionary. Imagine staring at the guy’s chest as he fucks “you”. Yeah, not good. Acting performance on the other hand range from okay to excellent. My favorite shop lifters were those that did not want to suck the dick at all. Women that resisted for as long as possible only to give a horrible blowjob with a face full of disgust. Some do pretend to hate the fucking even cry, adding to the immersion while the more hardcore sluts just ride the wave, doing their best to hide the satisfied face.

#4a. Update Frequency

Being one of the many free sites that you get to access, ShopLyfter does update often, considering the setting. There’s at least 1 new upload per week and that amounts to 4 new videos per month.

#4b. Pornstars

As you should know by now, Team Skeet is a teen porn site and most of these sluts are in their legal prime or early 20s. It’s hard to identify most of them and if you want a believable setting, it’s for the best. Video uploads are dominated by Caucasian women although a rare Asian or African American also appears.

I should say that some of the new and then unknown pornstars have since become famous. Sort of like the other bonus site “She’s New” that seeks for new women in the market.

My favorite corrupt security guard is Markus London, he’s perfect for the role. Ideal acting and commands! There are some creeps and even superstars like Tommy Gunn that despite being blurred are hard to camouflage. The fucking part is probably the most realistic thing of the series, it’s as average as you can get.

#5. Conclusion

If you have the time to spare, watch these videos from start to finish for the best experience. Despite mediocre fucking and camera angles that aren’t always perfect, it’s hard to not get drawn into the life of a shop lifter. It’s all intentional and set in a way that does look like a “leaked” video you see on the Internet.

While ShopLyfter with more than 100 videos alone is not worth joining, there are dozens of other reality porn and POV sites that make this a solid buy.

8 Total Score
Suck Dick or Go to Jail

The original reality porn site.

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