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Mofos Network

The Good
  • Amazing video quality for 1080p
  • Great for new talent discovery
  • Superb lighting and angles
  • Generous with updates
  • 14 bonus sites included
  • Girls are hot and slutty
  • Beautifully shot videos
  • Fast download speeds
  • Good scenario variety
  • Plenty of content
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Mediocre video player
  • Downloads cost $9.99
  • Needs better filtering
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  • Number of Videos: 4,247
  • Pornstars: 2,452
  • Bonus Sites: 14
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Mofos

Running since 2008, Mofos is one of the top adult sites for amateur porn that lives up to its name. Acquired by MindGeek in 2013, the site went from underground to mainstream and has been growing ever since. The sole focus of Mofos is reality porn and with over 10-years of history in the adult business, it excels in this area.

How does it differ from other sites? Instead of relying on rotating amateur couples, Mofos goes for less known and new to business pornstars that portray amateur and reality porn roles. Almost every video is filmed from the POV perspective of a male performer.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

There are just a few categories to choose from and it looks like they are relatively new. There are thousands of videos and a redesigned page is yet to assign all videos right.

All Videos (4247)
Threesome (116)
Anal (100)
Teen (82)
Lesbian (74)
MILF (26)
Public Sex (13)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

The homepage is straightforward and doesn’t hold back on content. How can you tell a good and shady site apart? The latter doesn’t display update dates nor any other stats. Mofos comes swinging in this area with the latest videos on top, followed by a trailer that is here to make you horny and then top-rated scenes below.

It’s bizarre how non-register members cannot even peek at the trailer. A single thumbnail is all you get for free. In all fairness, the latest videos no longer have trailers and I’m not sure why Mofos cut a great selling point out of their catalog. Paying members, on the other hand, can reap all Mofos fruits except for downloads, more about that later. By default, there are six latest scenes, all sites combined. Hit the “View All” button and you know what happens next. Thumbnails are above average size and turn to short movies as you move your cursor over. The typical porn site stuff.

#3a. Content Filters

There are no surprises in this area. The top menu is for pornstars, categories, scenes and bonus site access. Filters enable you to filter videos by date range, categories, tags, and bonus sites. The same goes for girls’ page with default settings favoring recently active pornstars. That’s pretty much it. You must know the drill by now and default to either categories or models.

There are no surprises in this area. The top menu is for pornstars, categories, scenes and bonus site accI shouldn’t even mention but you can also mark videos as your favorite and sort by top rated or most viewed. My favorite strategy always dials down results to 12-month window, thanks to date filter

There are no surprises in this area. The top menu is for pornstars, categories, scenes and bonus site accSo far so good, but where it fails for me is in the thumbnail department. They are so large that my 49” monitor displayed 3 women only and then hairstyles of the next 3. Should be at least 5 if not 6 pornstars per row.

There are no surprises in this area. The top menu is for pornstars, categories, scenes and bonus site accThe search box is sort of mixed, it doesn’t search across the whole site for better or worse. Type your query and pick whether it’s a pornstar or scene category, then proceed from there. I wish there were thumbnails in the search results for some eye candy. Also, be sure to make up your mind first since if you type pornstar’s name and only then select “actor” from the list, the whole query will be deleted. Not a deal-breaker, but I’m here to tell you all about the usability and filters.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

Coming from the same family as Brazzers, Mofos rocks a similar video player except for the interactive tags feature. The top area displays descriptions and categories that are hidden by default (not my favorite), pornstar names, scene name and that’s it. It will always default to “auto” quality streaming and max volume, same annoyance as with every other site. It’s like YouTube is the only one who’s aware of basic user demands.

There’s a lingering smell in the air of a video player that’s stuck in 2016. Some studios have made significant investments in this area while Mofos keeps using the “good old technology”. Move your mouse around the timeline and nothing happens. It’s 2020 and I’d expect to see at least a thumbnail for the timeframe my cursor is on. That wouldn’t be a massive problem if download options weren’t locked down to the more expensive membership. Either improve your player or bundle downloads free of charge.

You can obviously like, dislike any video and pick from multiple video quality options. Sound controls are too sensitive since the bar itself is way too short to be usable. Will there ever be a site that has a good audio experience? So far, I haven’t seen any. In the end, I’ve found myself downloading videos and playing them on VLC Player. When I couldn’t do that, hardware buttons and operating system volume control sliders took over Mofos volume slider.

I wasn’t particularly happy with the streaming video to seek and load speeds. Mofos occasionally took slightly more than a few seconds to render the part I want. Sure, that could be my ISP, but I’ll go ahead and put the blame on Mofos. Some networks I tested didn’t have this issue. There’s some pre-buffering going on, but not enough. Even if you pause a video, it won’t magically pre-load all of it. Not great for those with a bad connection.

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#4a. Download Options (29 Minute Video)

You can download videos but that will cost you $9.99 / month extra. Speeds are superb and as it’s now a tradition with every massive porn network, the limits of my connection were to blame. Maxing out at around 35 MB/s, it takes seconds to download a Full HD video.

  • Medium - 320p - (192 MB)
  • High - 480p - (356 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (715 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.44 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (3500 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (6400 to 7200 kbps)

When it comes to streaming and downloading the same resolution videos, I always wondered if there’s a quality difference between two. My mind was always suspicious and it’s Netflix's fault. Their 4K streaming bitrate is hell. As it turns out, Mofos videos are the same. That’s one of the reasons why I rarely streamed before that. Yes, I’ve zoomed in and analyzed multiple frames. There’s not a single pixel difference between downloaded (VLC Media Player) and streamed (Chromium) 1080p video.

Mofos 1080p quality is very good and they certainly don’t use iPhones to film from the POV perspective. Sure, maybe trashy quality would add some flavor to the “amateur porn” vibe, but you have old uploads for that. When I’m paying for porn, you’d better give me the goods in image quality crisper than that of a fried chicken. Scenes are very crisp and with proper lighting. Haven’t noticed any unnatural light sources or anything that breaks immersion. Even limited nighttime videos didn’t have noise.

Audio quality varies from 140 kbps to 230 kbps, but it’s not classical music and I couldn’t tell a difference between two. I’m sure that most of you didn’t even measure the audio track bitrates and that’s for better. If it’s above 64 kbps, anything can sound decent, porn especially.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

The sole purpose of Mofos is to feed your brain with nothing but amateur porn. That should not be confused with the poorly shot, static videos that are as exciting as 80s adult magazines. This network is all about reality sex scenes. Since there are over a dozen bonus sites, the content varies but is always of a similar theme.

What’s on the menu for Mofos members? There are casual scenarios that lead to sex, be it boyfriend with a girlfriend, stepsister fantasy or random sex at the party. Then there’s a bonus site specifically for petite women and spinners. It’s more of the same, but with some fun mixed in-between. See the content samples below. There’s also an anal specific site, which means loads of amateur anal porn.

One of the community's favorites is all about public pickups and hitchhikers. You should have seen a video or more by now. Guys patrol the streets in search of money thirsty sluts. Public sex behind the dumpster, inside a moving car or woods, there’s more of that. Scripts are on a cheesy side though. That’s fine.

What about videos and females themselves? Scenarios are different and exciting to watch. Since ~95% of porn videos come in the POV angle, it feels like you’re here, almost. They do look directly to the camera and talk to it as if that was you. Mofos is one of the few sites that can pull off good POV porn scenes. Showing you the best pussy angles, ass curves, oral sex cuts and so on.

What about male performance? They behave like amateurs and succeed in this area. Sex videos are like any good amateur couple (the keyword here is “good”). Solid, 10 to 20-minute fuck sessions with multiple sex positions, just like how you and I fuck. Not counting intros and outros. There are no premature ejaculations or 10-second men. By now they have figured out what works and what doesn’t. In other words, these guys fuck good and performance is always on spot.

#6a. Update Frequency

Mofos has been publishing a new video every single day, including weekends. That’s impressive.

#6b. Porn Directors

There are no details on the team or persons that write scripts for Mofos.

#6c. Pornstars

First, Mofos refers to performers as “girls” rather than pornstars, but we all know better. There are thousands of them on the list, but not every slut is unique to the site. Some of them go back for the second or third video. It’s mostly “amateurish” focused on the female pornstar perspective. Chances are that even if you recognize some of the names now, they weren’t as popular back when a video was released. Having said that, sometimes you get to see famous pornstars acting too. All of them portraying the amateur girlfriend or random girl on the street. Some examples include Gina Valentina, Gabbie Carter, and Abella Danger. While not my favorite approach, casual sex scenes give you a glimpse at their “regular sex life” when cameras are not on.

Do you want numbers? I’ve scanned over 50 latest Mofos videos and the number of female pornstars that I knew was in single digits. You’re good.

As far as male pornstars go, you don’t see their faces often, which is good. I mean, you are the one who’s having sex with these girls, right? They are not inexperienced amateurs, just lesser-known actors. Guys like Tyler Steel, Tony Rubino, Zeus, and JMac. Dig deep enough though and sure enough, Xander Corvus himself is here to pound these sluts. Having said that, they often rotate and Mofos isn’t keen on bringing new males for every new video. I’m fine with that.

#8. Bonus Sites

There are 14 bonus sites, including famous “I Know that Girl”, “Latina Sex Tapes” and “Public Pickups”. Some of them no longer get new videos.

I Know that Girl (550)
Don’t Break Me (166)
Let’s Try Anal (330))
Public Pickups (379))
Girl’s Gone Pink (65)
Share My BF (119)
Pervs on Patrol (498)
Stranded Teens (216)
Mofos B-Sides (160)
Mofos Lab (20)
Ebony Sex Tapes Lab (25)
Latina Sex Tapes Lab (291)
Real Slut Party (267)
She’s a Freak (387)

#9. Conclusion

Whether or not Mofos can be classified as an amateur porn site depends on you. I mean, these are not exactly random girls from the streets that have no idea what’s up. It’s reality porn and one of the best. With new video upload every day, Mofos remains one of my favorite amateur porn sites to date. It’s like watching a good movie, no one cares what’s behind it.

With many hot amateur performers and newish pornstars, it’s one of the best places to discover new talent and satisfy your cravings. Just keep in mind that downloads cost extra. I would give it a 9.5 if that wasn’t the case.

9 Total Score
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