Brazzers review

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The Good
  • Impressive video bitrate quality
  • Phenomenal female pornstars
  • Porn scene timeline is the jam
  • Best male performers in porn
  • Thousands of babes & videos
  • Impressive download speeds
  • Doesn’t limit your downloads
  • Multiple updates on any day
  • Best in class porn scripts
  • Has epic porn parodies
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Sensitive media volume controls
  • Filtering isn’t the strongest part
  • Video player settings don't save
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  • Number of Videos: 10,027
  • Pornstars: 2,339
  • Bonus Sites: 31
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Brazzers

There hardly is a person online that hasn’t heard of Brazzers. Even the most saint people outside the adult industry or those that never watch porn do know what these letters mean. It’s the universal trademark of high-quality porn and Brazzers delivers.

Founded in 2005 by Matt Keezer, it soon got acquired by MindGeek and that’s when things picked up! We mean quality and quantity.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

These are the official Brazzers categories that they list on the page. Tags offer way more variety, including more filtering with scenes like POV, redhead, etc. However, these are the category numbers.

All Videos (10027)
Blowjob (6670)
Facial (4794)
Blonde (4059)
Big Tits (3553)
Anal (2088)
Latina (1528)
Feet (1240)
Threesome (1107)
Big Ass (972)
Squirt (895)
Big Dick Worship (887)
Lesbian (785)
School (682)
Asian (413)
MILF (383)
Massage (353)
Ebony (334)
Rough Sex (314)
DP (205)
Teen (25)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

There are two sides of Brazzers, one of which is for paying members only. That’s because there’s now new design and just like with most things in life, it takes time getting used to it. However, if you haven’t been a scur briber before, the learning curve is as usual.

Top bar filters content by pornstars, sites and categories and there’s a search box to quickly satisfy your needs. One of the greatest asses of Brazzers is the way it displays scenes. All thumbnails are click-worthy, but it’s the mouse-over effects that hook you up immediately. Move on any of the videos and five thumbnails representing the scene will paint a much better picture. You can quickly jump through the whole video and decide if that’s the one you’re into right now.

Logged in members, on the other hand, get to see thumbnails turn into GIFs and that’s even better. You might not be able to skip a frame or two, but these are mini trailers that portray videos in a much better way. Don’t skip on those! They are hilarious and awesome in every way.

Everything is laid out clearly, although the redesigned search bar is now black, which is harder to post for first-time users. Lastly, I’d prefer not to see footer ads for Brazzers merch and/or cam listings.

#3a. Content Filters

There isn’t a lot of good or bad in the content filtering department. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Brazzers allows you to filter content based on the area of a site that you’re in. For instance, pornstars page lists all your sluts while filtering options enable you to sort them by a number of scenes, data range, alphabet or categories. There’s an approval rating too although it seems useless. That’s because most of these sat at 97% or higher with new names at 99-100%.

Jumping to video filters and things are much better. You can browse by category as large thumbnails are showing you the goods. However, filtering will help you to narrow these down much further. You may also mix and match multiple tags like “big ass” + “69” + “last year” and narrow them down as much as you want. I’ll say that it’s not as good as that of Evil Angel where everything is visible on the sidebar and takes less clicks. Brazzers requires you to either type them on your own or scroll through them all.

What’s the best way to browse Brazzers? Find your favorite performer or category and scan thumbnails until something catches your eye.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

Guest users can watch a trailer or two by default while logged in members will go straight to the scene upon opening a video player. There are also galleries or the very same trailer that one can watch if desires.

Before redesign in late 2019, Brazzers was the king of video player experience. Since then, not every new video includes the epic features we all love. Thankfully, I do know that they’re working to bring everything on pair with the previous version and 90% of the content still has you covered.

So, what makes (or made) Brazzers video player so good? The magical timeline! It’s like you’re a God and can predict the future. Below every video player, there’s a tag table that shows what positions are in the video. Pretty simple, right? Well, if you move your mouse over any of them, a small thumbnail appears, and you can immediately jump to the part of the video that has your favorite acts.

For example, you start with a handjob and then click on a facial tag, moving right to the pornstar's face before it’s covered in cum. No longer do you have to seek or guess the timelines as everything is laid out for you.

The streaming experience was great, skipping through videos did not take more than a second to load on Full HD. You have few options for quality adjustments including the automated one, which like Netflix or YouTube will decide the bitrate for you.

What about the volume player? It’s like every other site, decent. Pretty much too small to control sound as smoothly as we’d like. It needs to be like 3x longer or with variable sensitivity, so it’s easy to adjust the bell curve of lower volume. I mean, everyone immediately mutes it anyway and pushes below the 50% mark. So, why not start from there?

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#4a. Download Options (29 Minute Video)

I’m not aware of any download limits and didn’t experience site slowdowns or bandwidth limits during my testing phase. It has peaked at my own connection’s maximum speed of 30 MB/s. One thing I didn’t like was the file names that are always the same (scene_1080p.mp4).

If you’re hoarding your catalog at the speed of light, it will prove troublesome unless you recognize every pornstar by default. I would much prefer scene-name-pornstar-name.mp4 or something like that.

  • Medium - 320p - (181 MB)
  • High - 480p - (353 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (747 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.39 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (3500 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (6700 kbps)

Brazzers is yet to implement a 4K video format, which must be expensive of servers and bandwidth. Consumers don’t care about that though. Having said that, their 1080p bitrate is of higher quality than competing porn networks. Even more impressive are the scenes that always have the best lighting I’ve seen of any studio.

Yes, It’s consistently good. While I haven’t watched all the 10,000 videos, everyone I’ve downloaded or streamed was of perfect lighting. That’s the most important part and Brazzers got it 100% right. The same goes for shooting style, color gamma, and angles. Love their style and for me, it’s best in business.

Audio quality was set to 120 kbps for all audio formats. That’s lower than most of the YouTube music, but seriously… I’ve never noticed a need for anything higher and never thought about it in the first place. Having said that, we’d love to have 192 kbps just for the sake of it.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

For my taste, Brazzers is the best content producing studio out there. It offers a unique blend of funny, “real-life” scenarios and solid performances. Think of it as hot and casual porn, just the way we like it. You must have watched plenty of their porn videos on free tubes, but in case one needs clarification…

Newcomers will find plenty of material to work with. Gorgeous babes and men with good looking cocks that don’t go limp in the middle of fucking. Even better is the way these actors fuck. I wouldn’t call it brutal, but when you hear some solid ass clapping sounds, you know they’re having fun and so are you. Their audience could be described as an average Joe. Wait, I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Most people will get hard or wet from their videos and that’s good! On the other hand, viewers that prefer massive gapes, anal fisting or three cocks down a single hole will be better off with site other than Brazzers. In their defense, they will throw you a bone and show a gape or extreme squirting from time to time. Just so you could test your boundaries and see if it’s ready to switch to the nastier side of porn.

As you’ve seen from our content breakdown, Brazzers' audience loves big curves, deepthroats and anal. Despite multiple bonus sites, I think that content doesn’t differ that much. There are multiple settings and scenarios, but it’s not a drastic change. What’s consistent though is shooting quality.

Lastly, I’d like to touch their porn scripts. Some might come to jerk off, but that gets boring fast. Brazzers is the king of addicting porn videos. Some are extremely hilarious, worthy of an Oscar. From badly acted naked gym workouts to funny “caught cheating” scenes. This isn’t your dull porn site. Cosplay porn specifically looks impressive as fuck. Makeup is always on point, green screen when it’s needed and so on.

#6a. Update Frequency

These guys are consistent with 2 new videos every day, including weekends. That gives you 14 new videos on a 7-day basis.

#6b. Porn Directors

Brazzers doesn’t focus on directors and we hardly know the men behind such quality productions.

#6c. Pornstars

Having signed exclusively with some of the male pornstars like Keiran Lee or Xander Corvus, it doesn’t take much to fall in love with the site. One of the female producers that I forgot about said something that stuck with me for years. Brazzers always has the best male performers and it truly shows. From hardcore fuckers to those with trademark moves and dry anal pounding at the speed of light.

Some of the most beautiful pornstars are obviously in Brazzers' portfolio. The most popular names and newcomers that explode in popularity post their debut. While there are few ebonies and interracial porn scenes, it’s mostly white and Latina content that everyone finds appealing. These sluts rock big asses, fake and real tits, and come in all shapes or sizes. No fat whales or overweight ones though.

With close to 2,000 professional cock-sucking machines, there’s hardly a name that not there. Unless you only watch amateur porn that is. Some of the female pornstars have worked with Brazzers for close to a decade, which is awesome. You can truly appreciate and rate their looks, changes and performance improvements for the time being.

Honestly, there’s nothing else to say about male or female pornstars. Brazzers has a house full of best names in the business.

#8. Bonus Sites

Back in 2012, Brazzers used to include bonus videos and they are still accessible. However, there are now a total of 31 bonus sites that come with Brazzers access. Not all of them are updating although combining content, you still get 2 new videos daily.

Moms in Control (105)
Pornstars Like It Big (664)
Big Tits at Work (627)
Big Tits at School (573)
Baby Got Boobs (585)
Real Wife Stories (666)
Teens Like It Big (614)
ZZ Series (120)
Mommy Got Boobs (624)
MILFS Like It Big (617)
Big Tits in Uniform (176)
Doctor Adventures (599)
Brazzers eXXtra (617)
Big Tits in Sports (241)
Brazzers Vault (131)
Big Butts Like It Big (331)
Big Wet Butts (608)
Day with A Pornstar (105)
Dirty Masseur (342)
Hot and Mean (506)
Brazzers Live (45)
Sexpro Adventures (39)
She’s Gonna Squirt Vault (95)
Asses in Public (14)
Bustyz (25)
Busty and Real (17)
Hot Chicks Big Asses (14)
Tug Fuckers (28)
Teens Like It Black (8)
Racks and Blacks (27)
Butts and Blacks (30)

#9. Conclusion

Brazzers is the ultimate supercar of the porn world. Everyone is bound to like their content unless it’s a crazy budget car with gaped exhausts that you’re into. Videos they produce will make your head spin and cock hard. From genius porn scenarios to pornstars that put a lot of effort into their looks and stamina. When these couples fuck, they fuck hard.

Honestly, if someone asked me to name their favorite site of all time, Brazzers would be it. Few years down the line, one might get bored by rotating male performers, but it’s also a key to their success. Let’s face it, good fuckers are hard to find and when they do appear, Brazzers will snatch them.

9.5 Total Score
The Kings of Quality Porn

Brazzers remains the #1 destination for best porn.

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Content Quantity
Update Frequency
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