Digital Playground review

Digital Playground

The Good
  • Features super quality pornstars
  • Scenarios will keep you hooked
  • Has parodies as well as DVDs
  • Cream of the crop production
  • Solid downloading speed
  • Releases comes in series
  • Impressive video quality
  • Frequent updates
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Needs to improve audio slider
  • Charges for downloads
  • No bonus sites
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  • Number of Videos: 4,282
  • Pornstars: 1,283
  • Bonus Sites: 0
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Digital Playground

As one of the oldest names in the American pornographic adult industry, Digital Playground needs little to no introduction. However, if you are just discovering the joy of premium porn sites, let me give you a tiny history lesson.

Digital Playground did start as a video game company back in 1993 only to transform itself into a massive powerhouse. Their secret to success? Personal computers, not VHS tapes. Since then it has been a climb to the top, with the recent acquisition by MindGeek in 2012. The same company owns other brands like Reality Kings, Mofos, etc.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Registered members don’t see the same categories as guests. Also, it’s tricky to divide all content into categories since you have movies too. Just so you know, there are 550+ movies as of late 2020.

All Videos (4282)
Big Tits (1919)
Blonde (1834)
Latina (612)
Movies (552)
Asian (331)
Lesbian (285)
MILF (250)
Big Ass (246)
Ebony (147)
POV (127)
Creampie (56)
Teen (20)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

When it comes to the home page and first view upon logging in, Digital Playground makes a strong impression. You do get blasted with the latest videos and so on, but it’s obvious where their focus is. Still not sure? Well, that would be DVD movies and cinematic sex scenes. That’s the bread and butter of DP!

The loads are instant but then again, this has never been a problem in the last five years or so. The layout is user friendly, easy to figure out and requires little to no brain cells to operate. Not sure what’s the point of “top xxx categories” in the bottom area though.

Okay, so that’s the homepage for guest users, but what happens when you purchase a Digital Playground membership? It’s almost the same, just with different sorting options where movies come after the latest videos! Navigation is still on top and ads at the bottom.

Most importantly, Digital Playground allows you to quickly watch any scene by moving your mouse or finger on the thumbnail. I believe everyone calls this feature “live thumbnails”, but it’s almost a standard these days and no longer a surprise.

#3a. Content Filters

Just like every site on their network, it follows identical rules and filtration systems. At the top, there’s a menu with home page access, videos drop-down menu, series, movies, girls, and tags. One of the weirdest decisions by Digital Playground is to show categories for guests but hide that from registered members. Tags could be renamed to categories since around 90% of listings there are identical.

Other than that, you have extras and an ad masked as a menu option for live cams. Filtering options reveal the same old strategy that has worked for ages. Users can sort scenes by release date, see top-rated and most viewed uploads. Trimming down videos by date range needs improvement as you either get any time, last week, last month and last year. What if you want to see the greatest videos from two years ago? Tough luck.

Then you have to search by letter, which is as useless as it sounds! Lastly, you hit the categories section in the filtering options window and can finally relax. That’s where people will end up the most. Click with the mouse or start typing and there are plenty of categories to choose from. Including bikini, Czech, black hair, and so on.

The same applies to movies and pornstars categories. I do like the Digital Playground thumbnails format of much smaller pictures. You can stuff way more sluts into a single page and still see all their distinctive features.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

Digital Playground has one of the best navigation menus for their scenes while viewing videos. Since their releases are those of DVD Movies that are split into scenes, video player has changed accordingly. At the top, you have a trailer, series info, series trailer, behind the scenes (BTS), episodes, and galleries. It might take some time for you to figure out what do these acronyms mean and I’d love for DP to explain things better. Things like BTS, Flixxx, Raw Cuts, etc.

Let’s talk about goodies! Series info, for example, features all the actors as well as a short description of the release. I find that refreshing and it feels as if you are watching Netflix or something. The overall video player experience is good enough but needs tweaking.

Videos will always start at their default values, making binge-watching annoying. You always need to cut the volume, change quality to Full HD, etc. It wasn’t such big of an issue if their audio slider would not suck as much. Far too short to be precisely used for anything but basic needs. You might stream a video that’s either too loud or too quiet. In the end, PC volume sliders are the best.

The most annoying thing for some will be the introduction of shortcuts. Since description and categories are now hidden and require a click, I used to hit CTRL+F to find specific tags. Now, it will open video in full screen and that’s extremely annoying. This wasn’t the case last year.

These are my nitpicks and the overall video player or streaming experience is good on Digital Playground. Quality does not suffer if you stream or download (same bitrate), there is no lag at all, and I haven’t experienced a single buffering or loading issue. These are the most important things and DP nails it.

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#4a. Download Options (29 Minute Video)

It sucks balls that you have to pay $14.99 per month extra to download any of the videos. Is this 90s or what? Honestly, I truly hate this trend and it should not even exist. Speeds meanwhile are great and can reach as high as your Internet provider allows. In my case, that was close to 40 MB/s.

If you’re hoarding your catalog at the speed of light, it will prove troublesome unless you recognize every pornstar by default. I would much prefer scene-name-pornstar-name.mp4 or something like that.

  • Medium - 320p - (215 MB)
  • High - 480p - (367 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (679 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.53 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (2800 to 3100 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (6000 to 6600 kbps)

Digital Playground loves bright colors and contrasts. Videos have great lighting in pretty much every video. Unless it requires something else as per scenario, that is. However, that’s more of an exception. Phenomenal lighting means great quality all-around. It might not have 4K resolution, but videos do look great. The camera doesn’t tend to move much as this is not the Gonzo style porn. I would also like to point out that it’s all about natural lighting. You don’t get to see bright spots, lamps, weird shadows, etc.

If you’ve seen any Brazzers or Reality Kings video, it’s on the same level of quality. The weakest Digital Playground part is POV. There was more than one occasion of not so good of a focus, not stellar video quality in some of the scenes, etc. Imagine filming porn on your iPhone and playing afterward. That’s pretty much it. If you want POV only porn and exclusives, go with Mofos.

The audio quality standard is somewhere in the 130 to 190 kbps area. No pops, crackles or distortions. I would have expected for Digital Playground to beat every other player in this regard. Mostly because movies typically come with 192 kbps or even higher bitrates, at least from Hollywood. How does that stack up against the competition? It’s as good as it gets with very few exceptions.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

Depending on your exposure, Digital Playground name might associate with porn parodies and in some regard you’re right. They do product probably the best, highest budget satire adult vides in the whole industry. Still, that’s only a tiny canvas of the whole picture.

Digital Playground I would describe as an artistic hardcore porn website. You can watch for the story and premise and skip straight to fucking without missing much. Scenarios aren’t as corny as those of Brazzers (we’re getting close), but not too “real life” either where it’s some couple having random sex. Could I fool you into believing that these are videos from Brazzers? Yes. There’s nothing too extreme like licking anal roses or drinking milk out of their asses.

Overall, it’s a great blend of interesting random porn scenarios like fucking with masks, parodies, and so on. Thanks to always fresh DVD releases, it offers a lot of variety. If you enjoyed every other site from the MindGeek network, this will fit you like a glove. Head over to their “series” tab and read the descriptions to get an even better idea or scroll for scene samples below.

Let’s talk about pornstars! They are good, that’s all there is to it. Performers tend to “speak” in shouts and grunts more than on some other sites, but Digital Playground doesn’t hire amateurs. No limp dicks, poor performances, or anything like that. Women give their all too. In other words, you won’t be disappointed in this area.

#6a. Update Frequency

It’s hard to pinpoint their release cycle frequency since videos do appear random. We’ve had days with four new videos and then nothing for the next few. On average, expect 3 to 6 new videos per week.

#6b. Porn Directors

The only studio that lists their directors as of 2020 is Evil Angel.

#6c. Pornstars

They call them “babes”, but you still have all the same popular names as everywhere else. From today’s bangers like Abella Danger and Kenzie Reeves to older flowers like Phoenix Marie. Digital Playground was in this game long enough and that means plenty of options. More than a thousand pornstars later, you will find almost every slut. Sure, maybe a name or two that have some exclusive contracts with other studios would be missing, but an overall impression is strong.

Women are hot, loves sex, get paid good and that’s the end of it. The most popular will come back for seconds or stay with the network for long periods. Males are the same old names too with the most frequent names being Xander Corvus, Stirling Cooper, Codey Steele, Scott Nails, and Seth Gamble. You do have close to 200 videos from guys like Manuel Ferrara too.

#8. Bonus Sites

You get no bonus sites.

#9. Conclusion

Honestly, Digital Playground never managed to interest or grab me enough to sign up. I did not know what to expect and felt unsure about spending my money. Well, color me surprised! Thanks to PrimePornList reviews, this is one of my new favorite sites and great discoveries of a new decade.

I’ve enjoyed videos and scenes as much as Brazzers videos, maybe even more so due to the wider range of scenarios and ideas. Certainly, it’s now one of my favorite sites beating Reality Kings, which I feel a lot of people love. My suggestion? If you don’t care about downloads, go for it.

10 Total Score
Still Among the Best in Business

Not only the masters of porn parodies.

Content Quality
Content Quantity
Update Frequency
Site Features

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