Lil Humpers review

Lil Humpers

The Good
  • This is a comedic gold for value
  • Crispy quality and vivid colors
  • Great and related bonus sites
  • 1,500 videos with bonus sites
  • Has all the latest performers
  • 700 pornstars across site
  • Strong male actors
  • Nice site layout
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Video player needs upgrades
  • Streaming only isn’t good
  • Low number of videos
  • No gallery downloads
  • Slow updates
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  • Number of Videos: 49
  • Pornstars: 53
  • Bonus Sites: 3
  • Last Updated: April 13, 2021

Quick Navigation

#1. About Lil Humpers

Their index page doesn’t tell you anything about the concept of Lil Humpers. Like, even after watching a few videos, my brain was still somewhat confused. Thankfully, I now get it and the idea is simple. Lil Humpers is all about skinny or young males banging MILFs, some of which rock thick curves.

Launched in early 2019, it comes from the family of Digital Playground, Brazzers and others. As of 2021, LH continues with updates to this day and even offers some bonuses for your membership.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Due to the limited number of videos, Lil Humpers has no page for categories, but you can find a way to browse them via filters.

The site itself has ~50 original videos with the rest coming from related bonus sites. More about that later!

All Videos (1435)
Lil Humpers (49)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

It’s as professional as any other new site. Simple and easy to use design with a clear layout, large thumbnails, etc. As I said, the concept itself was a bit of a mystery for me so you don’t get a strong sense of identity at the very beginning.

User navigation is laid out and doesn’t get easier. The home page at the very top turns into a dropdown menu after you sign up. You get access to your favorites, then videos with extra sites, recommended scenes, pornstars, and some promotional offers.

LilHumpers doesn’t play tricky games. With less than 100 videos, one would expect that guests won’t be able to browse them all and see real numbers, but I was wrong. Strangely enough, anonymous can’t see the bonus sites that bump the video mark to around 1,500.

Pagination doesn’t use cheap JavaScript code where one is unable to open pages in a new window and that’s great. I feel like a lot of porn studios transitioned to the “new web” without much thought. Live thumbnails come as standard, but the doesn’t seem to be any access to trailers for the non-paying members.

#3a. Content Filters

Unless developers are mentally challenged, it’s hard to design an awful filtering system. The same goes for Lil Humpers, it’s a decent architecture that won’t be put to the test for a while. Mostly because of the low number of scenes.

Select any of the categories or menu options and the typical “Filters” option appears on the right. Haven’t used Digital Playground or Mofos before? Well, now you have! It’s identical to those pages. Sorting by release date or date range is easy. You just read common English and follow the rules.

Most of your filtering will come from pre-defined categories that you can narrow down with a single keypress, “b” for bikini, etc. There’s a surprisingly large variety of those as you have filters for outdoors, bathroom, standing doggystyle, etc. I would very much prefer a thumbnail or a separate menu for all categories because scrolling through hundreds of lines of text is not a good experience.

Pornstars can be filtered similarly, it’s just that there’s a visual indicator, namely thumbnail. Popularity ratings are useless and don’t mean anything to us. For example, one guy had a 79% popularity ratio, and what now? I have no idea what these represent, just a useless number created by random fucks. Women are in the 90%+ range and there’s no reason to sort them by that either. You will end up with new pornstars that likely have had a single vote and sit at 100% despite mediocre performance.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

It’s like watching a YouTube video just with different design and interesting content. Likes and dislikes at the very bottom, favorites, and add to watchlist. Not sure what’s the point of these likes are since ratios are hidden and recommended scenes just refresh, no matter which of the two you click. Guess it’s for their internal stats.

Video player follows the same old path that I’ve criticized many times. You will have to change the settings constantly as they never save. Hit play, dial down the volume and adjust the quality to 1080p. The worst part is their volume slider, which is shorter than my pinky finger. It’s impossible to control audio track precisely.

There’s a hidden description and categories pop-up in the top right corner. Does anyone read those? Anyhow, tags are 100% useless when CTRL+F (a shortcut for the find) makes their video player go full screen. In other words, you will have to scan through a wall of tag text manually.

At least you can mouse over on the timeline and immediately see a thumbnail of that timeframe. Makes seeking specific sex positions easier. Some scenes have galleries too, can’t download them either. Lil Humpers is a site you get when corporate greed dictates design.

When it comes to streaming, Lil Humpers surprised me a bit. Sometimes it hit all the notes instantly and played without delay while others took around 2 seconds of wait. The latter was extremely annoying. I just prayed for downloads, but my prayers weren’t answered.

#4a. Download Options (35 Minute Video)

Don’t expect to find any download options, sadly. Lil Humpers is a new site and goes with the latest porn trends, streaming only. It does not even have an option to pay for downloads. That’s just wrong. Still, I can tell you approximate file sizes.

  • Medium - 320p - (205 MB)
  • High - 480p - (352 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (626 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.42 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (2600 to 3200 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (5600 to 6800 kbps)

Among the best in business, as usual. I was always a fan of Brazzers, Reality Kings and other sites from the same company. They continue to publish constantly good videos. Shiny surfaces, vivid colors, and crispy edges. There’s not a single issue and this isn’t even 4K. Even on my 30+ inch display, streams looked good.

The cameraman doesn’t zoom into the faces unless that’s purposeful. Mostly done for comedic value. Angles are great, lighting is exceptional. I think this is the main thing that breaks other studios. Poor lighting not only annoys viewers but brings extra artifacts, noise, or pixelation from dark background compression. You could shoot a spectacular video with your phone right now if the lighting is good. Lil Humpers has great cameras and natural lights. Do I need to say anything else? It’s good!

Audio quality matches but not outperforms the majority of adult studios. Expect bit rates to be in the 160-kbps range. That sounds low by today's music standards, but don’t expect to find anything better across the globe. Still, I’m sure you never even bothered to check the rate anyway since it did sound good. That’s the case with Lil Humpers too.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

Let’s focus on exclusive, non-bonus videos only. I would love for you to experience Lil Humper firsthand. Maybe the sample content below will help you out a bit. These are some of the funniest, most ridiculous scenes I’ve seen. You have crazy scenarios with creepy humpers that try to seduce MILFs.

The latest video, for example, had a male performer secretly sneak into a massive cougars’ bag. She took it to the hotel and went for a shower. Yeah, you know where this is going. Juan jumped out, sniffed MILFs underwear, and jerked off before getting caught. You’d get detained in real life, but porn only encourages such ideas. Then they proceed to fuck as normal. These intros are too good and last from 5 to 10 minutes. Plenty of time to warm up your cock or pussy. Oh, and laugh too.

What else? Drone pilots and their spy cameras, just flying around the neighborhood, searching for babes in hopes to catch them changing lingerie. Oh, not to mention that one overaggressive horny dude that fucks walls, female mannequins, etc. These are all the wrong wings you would have done yourself in the early years, except for the execution part. Like, unless you are a registered sex offender and followed up with actions.

Once they start fucking, it’s a trip without any stops. Young studs have no issues with stamina like some of the aging Brazzers crew, although don’t fuck as aggressively. Females whine and moan, just like in any other porn video. Acting is “good for porn” if that makes sense. Corny scenarios with shocked faces as pornstars pull their tits out, you know… If scenarios hooked already you up, Lil Humpers performers won’t let you go either.

By now, you should have a general idea of whether Lil Humpers is for you. That’s all there is to it. Horny little fuckers peeping whenever and wherever they can. Glorious would be my default word describing the site.

#6a. Update Frequency

When you add bonus sites, there’s a new video uploaded every 2 and then 4 days. In the end, you get around 4 new videos weekly.

Without bonus material, Lil Humpers will publish a new video weekly. These are rookie numbers, although their content does require some planning.

#6b. Porn Directors

The names behind every scene remain unknown. However, whoever wrote these scripts should keep operating. It’s a job well done.

#6c. Pornstars

It’s easy to pinpoint the star and man behind the idea of Lil Humpers, Jordi. He’s the funniest male performer who despite age always looks 18. Did you know that Nacho Vidal used to mentor him in the early days? Other male pornstars include Ricky Spanish, Chris Rail, and Juan El Caballo Loco. That’s not a full list.

I’d love to have a higher variety of males, just so Lil Humpers retain an element of surprise.

Female pornstars are of top quality, from hottest MILFs to few petite ones when roles reverse. It’s almost a guarantee that whoever trends these days will be featured on Lil Humpers. There are no budget cuts or issues with cash. Alena Croft, Ryan Keely, Alura Jenson, and Nicolette Shea. Just some of the names that will give you a good idea about the quality. You can’t go any higher, pretty much.

#8. Bonus Sites

You get to access three bonus sites, pushing a total number of videos a hundred-fold. All relating to the MILF porn niche. Some sites will throw you a bunch of random stuff that you’ll never watch. This one has videos worth watching. I believe all of them are from Brazzers' niche sites, could not find anything different.

Mommy Got Boobs (634)
MILFS Like it Big (627)
Moms in Control (107)

#9. Conclusion

This is a site full of potential and the only downside continues to be a lack of original videos. If you haven’t been a member of any of these bonus sites, then give it a spin. Videos are funny and provide comedic relief, offering something different from the casual sea of sites.

I would have no issue recommending Lil Humpers if it had videos in hundreds, not dozens. For now, it depends on your finances and views on streaming media. Would I join the site again? Eh, maybe for a month, but that’s it.

6.5 Total Score
Petite Guys and Horny MILFs

The funniest site you'll ever see.

Content Quality
Content Quantity
Update Frequency
Site Features

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