Moms in Control review

Moms In Control

The Good
  • Video quality is shockingly good
  • Crispy visuals, great color range
  • Just the hottest mature women
  • Some AAA male performers
  • Part of the Brazzers family
  • Great download speeds
  • Solid picture galleries
  • A variety of plots
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Many mediocre male pornstars
  • Inconsistent update schedule
  • Filtering is a bit of a chore
  • Comments are now gone
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  • Number of Videos: 108
  • Pornstars: 201
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Brazzers
  • Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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#1. About Moms in Control

This is a free bonus site of the Brazzers network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

Being one of the older sites, Moms in Control site blends teen pornstars and hot MILFs. They’re horny and ready to teach you how to fuck.

The site was founded in the late 2013 and has been merged or bought out by the Brazzers network.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

It was a bit tricky to gather some of the most popular categories.

All Videos (108)
Athletic (80)
Small Ass (63)
Masturbation (57)
Oral Train (54)
69 (36)
Big Ass (27)
MILF (25)
Feet (23)
Lesbian (20)
Anal (11)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

The homepage immediately lets you know that they’re now part of the Brazzers family and redirects you to an appropriate site. You must by now have visited Brazzers at least a few times in your life, which is why the interface should be familiar.

The top bar lists all the Brazzers sites, including Moms in Control, followed by categories, pornstars, etc. It’s a clean, minimalistic web design that is starting to show its age for the bonus sites. The thumbnails and the whole layout haven’t changed for as long as I remember Brazzers. That’s not the worst thing since the thumbnails, at least, are interactive, but I wouldn’t mind having it updated. Like, there isn’t even a support for the widescreen displays.

I like how they don’t hide the update schedule, even if it’s not as consistent as I’d like nor the number of scenes. You get a full glimpse at their site and without any tricks or pop-ups. Same goes when you try to “test the waters”. Anonymous users can watch Moms in Control trailers and there don’t seem to be any limits on those. At least that was my experience as I tried streaming 10 of them.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

The first thing that comes to your mind is holy mother of color pop. These guys have mastered the art of colors and everything is dialed up to the level of vividness that you associate with the “high quality cinematic” videos. Despite supporting a rather low (at least for the 2020s) resolution of 1080p, scenes look great and are among the best in the industry.

The plots have a nice variety and flow. They don’t rush immediately into showing you the penetration and play around for a bit at first. For instance, a horny dude goes into a restaurant with his girlfriend only to meet a kinky waitress that slowly teaches the ropes of a good blowjob or a creampie. Or how about a hot MILF that gets caught masturbating by a stepdaughter and her boyfriend? It’s cheesy, sure, but the acting is good enough for a porn set.

What exactly happens in these videos? Well, a MILF gets fucked either by a single male pornstar or it transitions into a threesome. I wouldn’t say that all the videos are good, and it’s down to the male pornstar but more about that later.

Lastly, Moms in Control site tends to utilize multiple camera angles and add a bit of a movement. There’s rarely a static shot and that helps.

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#4a. Update Frequency

Expect at least 1 and sometimes 2 new videos per month.

#4b. Pornstars

Now, I often don’t pay attention to the male performers but some of the guys are just asking for it. The performance is decent enough for the most part, so keep that in mind. In other words, they fuck like they should for someone at Brazzers. However, once you bring guys like the younger Keiran, Small Hands or Johnny Sins, there’s no competition. Sadly, Moms in Control doesn’t reward its fans that often. Let’s take the last 6 porn videos as an example, only a single male pornstar didn’t annoy me. The worst is the gay looking dude that colors his hair blond. Like, can you just act and look like a man?

As for the females, expect some of the hottest and top-rated names in the industry. It doesn’t get better than Brazzers since you have all the hot MILFs like Monique Alexander, Lisa Ann, etc. While I can’t tell you the exact number of hot hoes for Moms in Control site alone (since this data is not provided), there are thousands of them on the Brazzers network.

#5. Conclusion

If you’re fine with the male performers and don’t get my dislike, it’s an okay MILF porn site albeit not very much active. At least the babes are always nice and that’s the most important part. I’d pass on this one if it weren’t for other Brazzers bonus sites.

5.5 Total Score
It's Fine but Not Great

Fucking the hottest horny MILFs since the 2013.

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