MILFs Like It Big review

MILFs Like It Big

The Good
  • Male pornstars have top stamina
  • Has plenty of hot MILF talent
  • Features key MILF pornstars
  • A top pick for hardcore porn
  • Easy to follow porn scripts
  • Always great video quality
  • Plots don’t get boring
  • Fast downloads
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Above average dicks, no extreme
  • Removed timeline features
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  • Number of Videos: 649
  • Pornstars: 306
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Brazzers
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About MILFs Like It Big

This is a free bonus site of the Brazzers network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

The 2007 founded porn site MILFsLikeItBig is one of the earliest “viral” successes on the Internet. With a global reach and a very well-known brand, these guys have been shooting quality films for more than a decade. The content is full of hardcore sex scenes and hot MILFs.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Let’s investigate what these MILFs are up to.

All Videos (649)
Big Dick (548)
Pussy Licking (384)
Big Tits (3017)
24-34 (285)
Face Fuck (234)
Anal (122)
Cheating (114)
MILF (101)
Ass to Mouth (77)
Big Ass (72)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

With a recent redesign, MILFsLikeItBig leaves a good first impression since it does feels like a fresh, high-quality site. It follows the traditional Brazzers guidelines with pornstars at the top, latest videos below, etc. You and I are already familiar with it, so let’s skip the shenanigans.

Having said that, I’d like to point out some changes that were for the worse and not better. In fact, I think that the experience is somewhat worse than to that compared two to three years ago. There used to be awesome timelines, community comments, features like jumping into a specific timeframe as defined by tags, etc. Most of that is gone and not just for the MILFs Like It Big site but on the whole Brazzers network as well.

The experience itself isn’t annoying since the downloads aren’t limited. The speed at which content load is also admirable and that makes the whole “streaming” thing work although I still prefer downloading videos to my PC. Yes, you can do that as well.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

It’s safe to say that MILFsLikeItBig is at the peak of the game and there’s no studio large or small that produces better content than this site does. Now, not to say that other studios can’t match the quality, but this is the golden standard of MILF porn for me. The vivid imagery, beautiful video quality, performers, it’s all great.

Every scene lasts from 30 to 40 minutes, just like everywhere else and they’re not reinventing the wheel. Compared to their other bonus sites, there are just a few intros that show you the featured MILF pornstar shaking her booty with the musical background or so on. Instead, we go straight to the plot and these are on a creative side.

If you haven’t watched a single Brazzers video, then do know that the whole network doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are parodies, exaggerated reactions, creepy guys getting caught, nymphomaniac sluts all over the office, etc. It’s not a reality porn where the intros drag for 10 to 20 minutes and you feel the tension in the air. Here, the script is just an excuse to fuck hard, but it works so well!

As for plot examples, you have horny sex therapists that get to meet their daughter’s boyfriends only for her to check out that cock. Or skinny dudes getting “taken the advantage of” by the more experienced grannies. In 9 out of 10 cases, it’s the MILFs that crave for that thick dick.

Now, how about those dicks? Yes, they’re bigger than average although that’s the case with the most of Brazzers pornstars here. They know how to use the tools too! The performance is nothing to talk about since this whole network is known for the best fuckers in town. From acting to dick riding or lasting and cum catching.

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#4a. Update Frequency

Excluding the quarantine phase, you’ll get 1 to 2 new uploads per month.

#4b. Pornstars

As I’ve said already, the guys do have large dicks and that’s where the site’s name comes from. Depending on your definition of “big”, don’t expect something you haven’t seen already. These aren’t horse-sized dongs that can’t even fit into a canned corn can but are on a bigger side. Take a cock of Danny D or Xander as an example and you’ll know what I mean. Also, you’re free to watch the trailers on the homepage and see how big or small all the guy’s tools are.

Mature pornstars is a tricky subject since often, they aren’t that good-looking. From fat rolls to disgusting cellulite pieces or gaped assholes. The fake tits don’t look sexy either on a saggy piece of skin. How does MILFsLikeItBig cope with this problem? Well, they start with the old pornstars that have reached their MILF age while working in business and still look good. That means they were “forced” to maintain bodies to their best capabilities.

When you have a stunning MILF pornstar, everything clicks, and it turns into a solid porn video. However, there are videos that I just had to skip since the women were plain disgusting. Just search for the “Bridge to Pussy” scene (which is their latest) and see if your dick can withstand the abuse. Kudos to Jordi for not getting limp. Every other scene, on the other hand, featured hot MILFs so maybe it was a one-time thing, or I was lucky enough not to come across other beasts.

#5. Conclusion

If you like hardcore porn, MILFsLikeItBig will make you a happy man or a woman. The pornstars are hot, for the most part, and the dicks continue to be huge. This all works if you’re fine with almost satire plots and care about sex more than the seriousness of a script.

9.5 Total Score
Cougars Meet Thick Cocks

One of the best MILF sites out there.

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