Real Wife Stories review

Real Wife Stories

The Good
  • Plots are different, rich in details
  • The lighting is always on point
  • It’s a rather interesting niche
  • Video quality rocks, really
  • Doesn’t have many uglies
  • Many known pornstars
  • Offers free galleries
  • Plenty of videos
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Performance isn’t always epic
  • Newcomers are bad at acting
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  • Number of Videos: 520
  • Pornstars: 419
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Brazzers
  • Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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#1. About Real Wife Stories

This is a free bonus site of the Brazzers network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

It’s tricky to describe site as versatile as RealWifeStories in a single sentence but the main theme is marriage material. That means MILF porn videos with partner sharing, threesomes, cheating, and other scenarios.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Let's get to the meat and bones of the site.

All Videos (520)
Couple Fantasies (500)
Caucasian (498)
35 Plus (302)
Innie Pussy (273)
Cheating (272)
25-34 (267)
Outtie Pussy (178)
Threesomes (95)
Gagging (80)
MILF (72)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

The homepage of RealWifeStories is identical to that of Brazzers or every other bonus site. The only thing that is different would be their latest videos. These are coming straight from the Real Wife Stories category although if you hit on any other page, it will start loading all the scenes or pornstars, not just from this site.

You have filters at the top where you can sort videos by date range, pornstars, or categories so it’s easy to get a good look on whether the membership is worth it. Click on any thumbnail and you’ll get some free content. However, browse far enough into the third or later pages and you might run into an occasional issue with “404 Not Found” errors. Not sure what the heck that was all about.

I went back to more than a year ago just to see if there were video previews for the older videos and that was the case. However, some time ago, Brazzers bonus sites didn’t let you watch trailers for free and just asked to join the site. This is still the case with older scenes, and you’ll get an annoying pop-up upon clicking on a play icon. The latest uploads don’t suffer from this trash tactic. Glad to see that this issue is now gone as it made no sense.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

RealWifeStories takes a different approach to actors and introduces plenty of amateur faces, which doesn’t work. The debuting pornstars or random dudes are horrible with the scripts and it feels like a bad porn sketch. That applies only to the first part since sex is mostly good although I wouldn’t say it’s the best. Also, a lot of these faces are there just to read their two lines and nothing else. However, there’s a difference between those that have been with Brazzers for years and then the others.

Some plots feature regular couples that just fuck and get bored. That’s where a suggestion for “another party” comes in and we transition into a threesome. There were two lesbians that got tired of pussy and nothing else, so they switched to a cock. Everything happened so fast and just 90 seconds into a scene, mister Lee was already sitting at the side of their bed… The sex was great too although that isn’t surprising.

As for the other memorable scenes, there was one with Johnny Sins and his jealous wives. Yes, two of them. You’ll see in trailers how it all went, but it was awesome, just two sluts fighting over his cock. Again, there were no issues with the performance, and I loved the moans from all the female hoes. These scenes made me forget about the less than stellar acting that I've seen before. There's a great idiom that sums up my experience (see the conclusion).

Another category that dominates the RealWifeStories site is "cheating". There are many stories about infidelity, which is cool. Still, before we move to the last part, I want to go back to my main point about the acting and / or fucking and reaffirm this. If you stick with the all the top pornstars (male or female), the performance is spectacular. The good to decent radio is 8 out of 10, so most of the videos should leave you with the balls empty.

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#4a. Update Frequency

Expect at least 1 and sometimes 2 new videos per month.

#4b. Pornstars

Due to many people involved, you get a blend of professional and decent pornstars. I think the latter is the weakest part of this whole site. Even guys that have good dicks don’t fuck as good as the more experienced stud with an “okay” sized dong. Make no mistake though, there are many good fuckers out there and they come to visit RealWifeStories.

Female pornstars come in many different flavors and their experience is generally above average. Although RealWifeStories is about MILF pornstars too and I would have expected to see more of the 5-star rated, extremely popular actresses.

For the sake of the argument, here are the names that have recently appeared on site: Abigail Mac, Small Hands, Luna Star, Cahrles Dera, Peta Jesen, Johnny Sins, Eva Lovia, Xander Corvus, and Nicolette Shea.

#5. Conclusion

This is the most confused I’ve been because the plots are all over the place. That’s not a con as the main theme revolves around the wife and a husband. The acting can be cringeworthy and the performance is not always stellar. The pornstars are hot though and the video quality is epic.

The saying “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel” is how I’d describe this site.

8 Total Score
Hot Wives Do Reality Porn

A happy medium for couples.

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