Mile High Media review

Mile High Media

The Good
  • Four different sites of high value
  • Great content and niche variety
  • Very healthy update schedule
  • Amateurs and professionals
  • Beautiful categories page
  • Plenty of existing scenes
  • DVDs movies and videos
  • Great download speeds
  • Admirable video quality
  • No download limits
  • 1,500 pornstars
  • 4K content
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Video player won't save settings
  • Many mediocre performers
  • Has no movie descriptions
  • Not all videos are 4K
  • Hidden video tags
Site not working? Report!
  • Number of Videos: 4,600
  • 4K (2160p) Videos: 88
  • Pornstars: 1,551
  • Bonus Sites: 5
  • Last Updated: April 13, 2021

Quick Navigation

#1. About Mile High Media

They call themselves Mile High, but domain is all about the media too. It’s a mature porn company that has been producing and distributing adult movies since 2010. In fact, they are more of a network consisting of four different porn sites.

Ever heard of the names like Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Reality Junkies or Doghouse? It’s all theirs. In the middle of 2019, MindGeek has purchased its asses, and in my opinion, made the site even better that continues to thrive to this day.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

This is one of the best and deepest dives into the content of Mile High Media. There are plenty of pre-defined categories and that helps a lot.

Plenty of lesbian material while anal videos are mostly from threesomes or gangbangs. I could not find a filter for 4K videos.

All Videos (4600)
Big Tits (1315)
Blowjob (1306)
Lesbian (1134)
MILF (962))
Deepthroat (903)
Teen (458)
Rimming (432)
Anal (301))
Threesome (241)
Interracial (192))
Stockings (153))
Asian (134)
Ebony (118)
Creampie (100)
Gangbag (52)
Cum Swapping (43)
Blowbang (21)
Double Vaginal (10)
GILF (8)
Cuckhold (8)
Double Penetration (7)
Strap On (5)
Double Anal (2)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

I imagined Mile High Media as a yet another site with multiple videos and daily updates. That, of course, is not a horrible thing since content is the thing, but it surprised me with a different approach to adult movies.

There are four sites that have a distinctive flavor and you get them all for the price of one. It’s like having HBO and extra channels for free.

My first impression was a positive one since MileHighMedia does have a beautiful design and great layout. Some video slides at the top to promote their network, then latest uploads and top-rated movie links. Oh, let’s not forget about featured pornstars. As you continue to scroll, Mile High Media does a great job at explaining their intentions.

For example, uploads are split by site and it’s clearly labeled. Sweetheart videos are for lesbian erotica, sweet sinner content is for couples and then you have MILF or teen reality porn followed by amateurs. That’s exactly what we want to see at the index page, and now you too know what to expect from the network.

Navigation couldn’t be better too. From videos, pornstars, movies and network links to categories. There’s an about section too, but it lacks extensive descriptions about every site. At least it’s a safeguard for those that did not see their 4-site promotion in the very beginning.

#3a. Content Filters

There are two good ways to filter out adult content. The extensive categories list is enough to scratch an itch for majority of your fetishes, including some experimentation with new ones. Anonymous members won’t be able to browse them, but there are thousands of videos that you can add or remove based on selection. Great quality thumbnails that aren’t too large ensure quick and easy access as well as eye-scanning through the all. It’s as perfect as you can get with picture-based category approach.

This is my final site from the MindGeek network that I’m reviewing since the rest are already covered. Just like everywhere else, there’s a filter pop-up that allows you to sort scenes and pornstars by a lot of criteria. That’s the second of two good options. Hit the icon and additional options appear. Things like sorting by view count, timeframe and so on. For an extensive list of tags, hit the “Categories” tab in the filter window and start typing. There are hundreds to choose form. Some are very specific too like fishnets or medium ass.

Okay, maybe there’s a third one where you can view videos by network or how I call that, mood. You can watch pure erotica or go for some lesbian love. Straightforward and easy to get.

Trending porn category is awful since you have scenes from 2015, 2018 and so on. All it does is sort things by rating, just goes to show that whoever designed this part is clueless. Thankfully, other options are much better.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

Trailers are an expiring art and Mile High Media aims to maintain those if possible. Video links default to a scene and large thumbnail. Among video player tabs are trailer, movie info, movie trailer, scenes and gallery. Since MHM covers hundreds of DVDs, it feels good to have trailers for the full series. Just shows you what you can expect and with link at the bottom, it’s all good. In case you rely on text, there are no extensive descriptions for movies and that was disappointing. Scenes too have them.

The rest of video player experience is rather tame or in other words, standard. Quality adjustments, video volume slider that never works properly as it’s too short, and so on. Don’t expect for the player to save your streaming settings either and that means blasting at maximum volume every single time you stream.

No comments section is a disappointment and with tags hidden (requires and extra click), experience is average. Don’t get me wrong, this is what almost every other porn site uses too, but I’d love to have more control and more details. At least you get a visual seek bar with thumbnails popping the second your mouse cursor touches it. That’s how you find where to start watching.

Streaming bit of hit or miss for me, sometimes it took few seconds to load as I kept skipping the scene. It wasn’t always instant. Other times the whole video just froze when active window switched to my other display. For most of the experience, it was decent enough or smooth as your butt, even with 4K videos. My default option is to save all the scenes to my PC. That was the case with Mile High Media too.

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#4a. Download Options (29 Minute Video)

Thank God for the downloads! It was getting depressing to see so many of the new sites that not only don’t allow downloads, but don’t even have an option to unlock it with an extra payment. Yes, that would suck too, but at least they had that ability.

Speeds are great, no issues at all nor network interruptions. My connect was always busy with speeds reaching 40 MB/s, the limits of my own IPS.

  • Medium - 320p - (165 MB)
  • High - 480p - (295 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (558 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.05 GB)
  • 4K - 2160p (2.56 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (2800 to 3000 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (5700 to 6200 kbps)
  • 4K - 2160p (13800 to 20000 kbps)

Videos look great, no artificial artifacts or poorly implemented noise reduction techniques. Vivid colors and cinema standard framerate of 24 fps. Guess you can call videos as crispy as potato chips. There’s a very limited number of 4K scenes, but they don’t differ that much from 1080p when you compare quality side by side (see below). There’s not a single porn webpage that I’ve reviewed from MindGeek that have had a bad video. These guys have crafted their routine long time ago and continue to publish beautiful videos without much compression.

The average audio quality is of 122 kbps with slight jumps to around 140 kbps. Even Ultra Full HD videos had same bitrates as 320p. Sex sounds are as good as of any other site. If it’s not dropping below 92 kbps, not a single soul will have a problem with quality. It’s porn, not opera.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

You have four different directions for porn content, but they all share a similar theme. Doghouse gangbang videos usually start with the action right away and that wasn’t my cup of tea. Reality porn on the other hand did have a decent intro, from underwear shots as amateurs bend over to walk in the park and fucking later. Not much happening there in terms of scenario, lacks in quality compared to humor found on Lil Humpers or refreshing nonsense of Brazzers. Bad porn acting can be bad too, it seems.

I’d describe this site as the one uploading regular porn videos on a good quality. It’s flat in terms of emotions most of the time, for better or worse. Wasn’t that much impressed, to be fair. Maybe other networks spoiled me too much that I can no longer enjoy straight to fucking porn with dudes that are mediocre fuckers.

With amateur porn, performers are just that, random looking amateurs and it works for the setting. Women are generally good looking, but figures don’t always make your scream in enjoy. Some butter faces and boyish chests.

Lesbian and erotica videos are the best of the whole network. Slow build ups, sensual kisses, girl talk, toy play. Even has some “light yet fun” content from time to time with a lot of passion. If it wasn’t for this part, Mile High Media would be dead in the water for me.

Gangbang videos never interested me, but you’ll find double vaginal and anal, if that rocks your boat. I did not find them boring and you could see plenty of aggressive sex scenes from few guys.

#6a. Update Frequency

There’s a new video upload almost every day. The only exception is Sunday, which makes it a pattern of generous 6 new scenes per week.

#6b. Porn Directors

Mile High Media does not directly list all the porn directors nor allow you to find them in a friendly way. However, their DVDs covers have names there. Every person typically covers a single niche or site.

  • Ricky Greenwood (Sweetheart Video)
  • Dana Vespoli (Sweetheart Video)
  • Jacky St. James (Sweet Sinner)
  • Kevin Moore (Doghouse Media)
  • KK (Doghouse Media)
  • Robby D (Reality Junkies)

#6c. Pornstars

Since this network mixes amateurs and professionals, you do get to experience them all. One day it’s all about a random, somewhat new pornstar who doesn’t even look that good, while next it’s the opposite. A superstar like Kenzie or Abigail Mac.

Small tits, flat chest and big tits, girls are all over the place. Some come once and never come back while others manage to move into the higher tier. Don’t expect to find charming personalities in every scene. That’s the price you must pay when network combines amateur and professional pornstars. Overall, MHM left a positive impression on the selection and variety of females.

Male performers are a mixed bag too, but for different reasons. Tommy Gun has over one hundred scenes, for example, while Small Hands is close to 15. That’s where my knowledge ends as the rest I could barely identify. That would be tier-two, if such category even exists. Mostly random, bland dudes that you have seen once or twice throughout your career as a porn viewer. Search for Charlie Dean (almost 40 videos) and you’ll see what I mean.

#8. Bonus Sites

You could count them as bonus sites, so I’ll just list the number of scenes for each.

SweetHeartVideo (984)
Sweet Sinner (1031)
Reality Junkies (931)
DogHouseDigital (1489)
Family Sinners (79)

#9. Conclusion

If you’re not happy with the same male pornstars that get into most of new videos, Mile High Media could be your cure. Blending amateurs and professionals, this site has it all. Not to mention the 4K quality that new generation craves so much.

Personally, I’m more of a savage fucking guy where male actors don’t just poke around. Lesbian scenes are awesome, gangbangs look fun too. Everything else except for few names felt mediocre in terms of performance. Or let’s say amateurish, which is half of the sites theme.

7 Total Score
Amateurs and Pros

Four sites for the price of one.

Content Quality
Content Quantity
Update Frequency
Site Features

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