Babes Network review

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Babes Network

The Good
  • Fantastic video quality all around
  • Great for hardcore porn viewers
  • Some solid sensual content
  • Mostly beautiful women
  • Five different settings
  • Speedy loading times
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Mixed erotica, hardcore ideas
  • Confusing categories page
  • Improperly tagged videos
  • Needs frequent updates
  • Bad filtering system
  • Paid downloads
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  • Number of Videos: 1,572
  • Pornstars: 831
  • Bonus Sites: 5
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Babes Network

That’s a solid name, worthy of a million bucks too. It came as a surprise to learn that Babes is one of the most accessed sites inside MindGeek’s portfolio, preceded only by RealityKings and Brazzers. It’s all about glamour hardcore porn and beautiful models.

Babes brand has been around since 2012 and already experienced a few transitional periods. The latest came in 2019 and with a stronger focus on the hardcore porn part. Most of us are aware of the Babes website due to multiple cross-promotions but never had an opportunity to join it. Let’s change that today.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Here’s the quickest way to access the porn content situation on Babes network.

The paid area has only 9 categories while non-logged in users get to see 16. That makes no sense and is confusing.

All Videos (1572)
Brunette (795)
Blonde (771)
Natural Tits (644)
Big Tits (250)
Black Hair (152)
Latina (145)
Threesome (130)
Petite (100)
Redhead (95)
Anal (93)
Interracial (91)
MILF (77)
Teen (56)
Asian (52)
Office (44)
Creampie (38)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

Babes Network makes a solid first impression with minimalistic design, video thumbnails that begs to be clicked and even banners are beautiful. One could argue that its layout is getting old, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. All visitors care about are logical decisions that show content first, that’s it.

Your senses are teased with eight latest Babes scenes and eight more below. These come filtered as “top-rated this year”. You can get a glimpse at those my moving your mouse over any thumbnail, but that’s it. Trailers are unfortunately locked behind a paywall and require Babes membership. This is not the first network that now follows this path.

Maybe some “researchers” figured out that people were masturbating to trailers and cut them off for the rest of us. At the very bottom, there is a recently active model list, and you have full permission to view them all.

#3a. Content Filters

Using filters for content discovery isn’t rocket science and even guests can access these features. Hit the top right corner button and their redesign filtration system is listening. I wouldn’t call it perfect and very much prefer the older design, but that’s the downside of the modern web. Things get too complex just for the sake of it.

Babes visitors can sort videos by release date, most viewed titles, or top-rated content. Afterward, narrowing down is easy as you get to select the date range from any time, last week, last month to last year. If you push things even further, a specific site or pornstar can be selected (when viewing scenes) or even category.

I’ve always found that it’s much easier just to find your favorite pornstar and browse their scenes from there. Alternatively, if you have no preference and see the specific category, filtering can be enabled by category too. Either by hitting the categories area, which isn’t the greatest and with a limited number of categories or with the push of a filters button. Here, Babes lists all the possible categories and you can select from specific kinks like “doggystyle” to places and settings, let’s say “kitchen”.

Since Babes doesn’t have thousands of videos, some categories will return a video or two only. Also, I don’t think that someone has tagged all videos properly. Using the same “kitchen” keyword search box returned 85 results (some don’t even have a kitchen), while scene-specific search provided with a single result of “Kitchen Fun”. Then I’ve used their tag for the kitchen, and it resulted in 61 scenes. Filtering for all but the main kinks is all over the place.

#4. Video Player & Streaming Experience

If you’re already accustomed to the MindGeek video player from sites like Mofos, Brazzers or Reality Kings, then the story ends here. There’s nothing different on Babes Network. It will still play at the highest audio volume setting by default and won’t allow you to save your preferences. In other words, refresh the page and it’s back to “auto” streaming quality and annoying volume levels.

Paying members get access to trailers, scenes, and picture galleries. Have no idea who still browses through static pictures, but here you go. Unlike Mofos, Babes Network video seek bar features instant thumbnails, which is a godsent feature for most of you. It eliminates a lot of guessing and more importantly, enables us to quickly check the scene without any lag buffering or loading issues. Sadly, videos don’t have the timeline feature

Bottom buttons have the typical functions for liking, disliking, favoriting, and watching the video later. Those that pay extra cash will also be able to download any scene. It is HTML5 and not Adobe Flash player, which means pop-out video player if you desire so.

There’s no quality difference between streamed 1080p video or the downloaded one and let’s start with that! This is probably the most asked question on everyone’s mind, and you aren’t losing precious bits with any option.

Speeds are decent good, it took around a second or two to buffer any part of a Full HD video, which while not instant isn’t horrible. It helps to have those thumbnails, eliminating most of the clicking unless you’re certain on where to land. Other than that, I still prefer my own media player.

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#4a. Download Options (22 Minute Video)

Following other sites, Babes Network will charge you $9.99 / month extra to download their videos. Why would anyone do that? Blame privacy, their greed, or who knows. It’s still terrible for consumers. I’ve reached close to 37 MB/s when downloading videos and didn’t notice any throttling afterward. At least you have that.

  • Medium - 320p - (235 MB)
  • High - 480p - (258 MB)
  • HD - 720p - (484 MB)
  • Full HD - 1080p (1.05 GB)

#4b. Streaming Options

  • Auto, 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

#5. Video & Audio Quality

  • HD - 720p (2800 to 3100 kbps)
  • Full HD - 1080p (6000 to 6600 kbps)

There’s a certain aesthetic about Babes scenes that I like. Whatever camera equipment they use or whoever is operating a camera, it’s a job well done. With higher than average 1080p bit rate, videos look sharp and crisp. I swear there are worse looking 4K scenes from budget porn sites.

Speaking of Ultra Full HD content, Babes is yet to implement such quality. It’s still fine on up to 27” PC displays and more than enough for phones as well as tablets. I’d like to imagine that a lot of couples get these memberships to spice up their sex life and watch all videos on TV. In that case, Babes Network is okay, but not as fun as studios that do erotica in 4K.

Even if you take older scenes with erotic lighting (dimmed yellow lights with candles), there’s no noise or trashy quality gremlins. The difference between Babes and other sites is the use of natural lighting, which means no studio lights. As a result, pornstars have a slightly yellow tone from all the lights and whatnot. That’s how sensual content works. It’s not Instagram yellow though, see our sample content below. In other words, there aren’t any traces of artificial lighting, it’s like real life. That’s positive and negative at once.

Audio quality ranges from 150 to 170 kbps, the average for any professional adult movie studio. Guess we’re all used to having 320 kbps music, but that’s the thing. This is not music. Same bitrates apple to all resolutions, so whether it’s 320p or 1080p, there’s no difference. I wish they used identical bitrates (audio and video) for all their videos and wouldn’t be all over the place. Maybe bum it up to 192 kbps just for the sake of it.

#6. Porn Content & Performers

Following the sensual content template, Babes videos start with relaxing music and narration on top. You have pornstars talking about their fantasies, kinks, and so on. However, these are as short as 30 to 60 seconds and then it switches to foreplay plus sex. I would much prefer longer introductions that create a setting, indulging you into a fantasy a little bit more. Speaking of a perfect build-up…

There’s my favorite category and that’s “Babes Unleashed”, which is no longer updated. Despite less than 10 videos, the content is top-notch. Slow movements, sensual music, and settings with intros lasting way more than a minute. The latest scene from a year ago had pornstar’s car break down, leading to pure ecstasy in the shower. Be sure to watch the trailer, at least! Women there look like beautiful amateurs without fake tits or other nonsense. Even girl on girl fantasies look stunning, it’s like these performers love one another. Personally, that’s my favorite part of Babes Network. Sad to see it go.

Another one is for office sex fantasies and it’s like of any other porn site just slower. Horny secretary, pussy thirsty boss, and then they fuck. The last update for that was in 2017. What keeps receiving updates though is a category for stepmom’s sex lessons. It’s just what you expect, with mood-setting Babes intros.

Despite the “Elegant Anal” name, there’s nothing elegant about that. Women choking on cock, guys talking “yes, yes” and spewing more hardcore porn trash talk. It might have music for the intro and pretend it’s erotica, but it’s nothing like that now. Don’t get me wrong, these people fuck good and if it wasn’t for the Babes name, we’d be all over the scenes. However, I did expect more of erotica and slow porn type of content. They need to stop with these confusing names.

Performers, on the other hand, do wonders and seem to have fun. Be it casual sex, anal, choking, or whatever. Depending on site, you either roll with professional pornstars that fuck till they collapse or a crowd of slower types. Those that don’t rush, let the mood take over and poke the hole for a minute or two before switching positions. It did not get boring and that’s all you care about.

#6a. Update Frequency

Update cycle might work for couples that don’t watch porn together that often. For regular mortals, however, a single update every 3 days is not the greatest.

#6b. Porn Directors

I have no idea who are the producers or directors of Babes Network videos. This info is not available on site.

#6c. Pornstars

No offense to some of the models, but what does your mind associate babes keyword with? Youthful, energetic, and stunning looking women. Correct? That’s not always the case with these pornstars, Lena Paul for example, or Sarah Vandella looks past her prime and I have no idea why she’s even here, the same applies to few other performers.

The average age of a female pornstar on Babes is around 25-years old at the time of filming. That’s good. Yet, most of them don’t scream babe to me. Some solid talent is still present. They perform extremely well as amateurs have long been removed from the site’s repertoire. I think it’s not for the better.

Male performers are mostly from other MindGeek sites, superb guys like Manuel Ferrara which is one of my favorites. He blends in well and works for the setting. If you’ve been on any of the previous sites, you’ve seen some of them. Babes Network does have male pornstars that aren’t as known, from black guys to casual Caucasian looking dudes. Whether that’s how you want them to play is your own decision.

I prefer Babes older videos (from Babes Unleashed) with less stellar performances, but with more “real love” feel if you catch my drift here. It’s commercial porn that works on all but erotica sites. Babes classify itself as glamour hardcore site, but page titles say otherwise. You have keywords like sensual, erotic scenes, HD erotica, and others. It’s like they have no idea what Babes’ identity is.

#8. Bonus Sites

Out of 5 bonus sites, 3 are actively updated. “Babes Unleashed” was not updated since 2018 and “Office Obsession” has no new content since late 2017.

Babes Unleashed (9)
Black is Better (94)
Elegant Anal (112)
Office Obsession (80)
Stepmom Lessons (124)

#9. Conclusion

If it wasn’t for the content change since 2019, I’d have no trouble recommending Babes as a softcore porn site. While many beautiful scenes will turn every male or female on, a new direction just doesn’t cut it for me. This is mostly due to no longer updated bonus site that was erotica first.

I feel like Babes has lost its identity in late 2019. Now you get videos that are similar in style to those of Brazzers or RealityKings just in much lower quantities. I would not bother with this one unless these other sites have already stuffed you full. In other words, don’t trust other reviews and tweak your expectations accordingly. This is more of a “slightly sensual” hardcore porn site now, not a home for softer glamcore movies.

7 Total Score
Glamour Hardcore

Pick your side.

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