Innocent High review

Innocent High

The Good
  • Some pornstars with glasses
  • Fresh and known pornstars
  • 100s of enjoyable videos
  • Doesn’t limit downloads
  • Solid male performance
  • Plot doesn’t get boring
  • Teen performers only
  • No ugly looking sluts
  • Features galleries
  • Has comments
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • No new uploads for 3 months
  • Older content is in 720p
  • Bad tagging system
Site not working? Report!
  • Number of Videos: 471
  • Pornstars: 292
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Team Skeet
  • Last Updated: December 21, 2020

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#1. About Innocent High

This is a free bonus site of the Team Skeet network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

Despite its name, the InnocentHigh website does not feature any illegal substances or other material. Maybe our minds are corrupt, but we expected a different kind of high! The focus of this niched page is stepsister as well as schoolgirl porn and everything related to it.

With domain registered in early 2005, Innocent High videos can bring you back in time by more than a decade. Alternatively, just stick to newer material.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Let’s see what kind of videos the InnocnetHigh site uploads the most.

All Videos (471)
Teen (350)
Deepthroat (330)
Schoolgirl (330)
Desk (280)
Natural Tits (255)
Skinny (155)
Amateur (119)
Big Tits (96)
Office (93)
Upskirt (66)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

At first, I thought that the page is broken as it has some random lines. Only then did it hit me that these lines are supposed to represent the sheets of paper from a notebook. The colors are playful and blend well with the theme.

Having said that, I feel as if the InnocentHigh has some of the old user interface vibes. The thumbnails have black borders and the whole layout doesn’t look that modern. It’s simple, that’s pretty much it. Thankfully, the sales page UI disappears the minute you pay for the membership and we go back to future-rich layout.

Since this is a less popular site on the TeamSkeet network, they follow the same index page tricks. In other words, the upload date is hidden from the anonymous visitor. This is due to the upload schedule but more about that later.

Lastly, you can stream trailers without paying a dime. This helps with the trust and separates sneaky sites from the rest. In other words, you can experience the content and see if it’s worth subscribing to. That’s pretty much it.

#4. Porn Content & Performers

I couldn’t find a universal theme where these stories repeat, but most start with some sort of studying material either in school or at home. The angles aren’t fixed either and everything rotates. Meaning that for few moments in might be a POV which then changes to the regular shooting style. As for acting, let’s just say that it’s more for the schoolgirl theme than the convincing performances. However, it’s not as obnoxious or “funny” as that of the premium Brazzers site and that’s a good thing.

Let’s go back to plots for a moment. To give you some examples, there was an angry principal that brought a misbehaving student into a private room to teach her a lesson. He fucked her in the ass on the table and that was the end of it. Another video had two sluts that have decided to skip the school and fool around at home. They were caught by a stepbrother and had sex with him. It’s not as complicated as Stephen King’s novels, that’s for sure. The women don’t put up much of a fight and as soon as sex is suggested, it’s on.

The length of these videos ranges from 35 to 50 minutes with around 10% reserved for the introduction. It’s a single take and without split parts like we’ve seen on some other TeamSkeet uploads. The action is not exclusive to couples since an occasional threesome video is also thrown into the pond.

Speaking of performance, the males might not be known but they do fuck good, at least for the most part. The old saying of mature men and their experience or stamina is true. They fuck non-stop for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the video length. That’s almost twice as much as I was used to before. Not to say that you’ll watch all the acts, but it helps when you need to find a certain sex position or even the angle.

#4a. Update Frequency

They used to upload a new video every month but stopped doing so in the early 2020. There have been no new uploads for three months.

#4b. Pornstars

Since the InnocentHigh website has been around for ages, it’s easy to find now or then famous pornstars. That’s not always the case! Just don’t give you an impression that they only invite the hottest new sluts though. Chances are, most were somewhat known and exploded only after few more years in porn.

The whole TeamSkeet network focuses on female teen pornstars and the average age of these performers is in the early 20s. Therefore, don’t expect to find a lot of known talent. Still, women are honestly hot and show a lot of potential. Oh, and they all wear sexy schoolgirl skirts or similar outfit!

Guys range from those in their late 20s (when acting as students) to the more mature males when roles demand a principal or other authoritative figure. I didn’t have problems with all, but the cheeky Ricky Spanish and he didn’t appear often. Yes, people also complained about the small dick and boring performance.

#5. Conclusion

Honestly, I don’t understand why the Innocent High site has slowed down with updates. The content is good and there are thousands of followers that still want more. It’s easy to recommend it for anyone who is already invested in the TeamSkeet network and receives content for free.

Despite questionable future, there are close to 500 videos that are worth watching. That, of course, if you are very much into the schoolgirl outfits and porn. From the top of my head, I don’t know another alternative with a similar theme. Like, at all. For everyone else, it’s a decent free site.

8 Total Score
The Best of Schoolgirl Porn

Although there's not much competition.

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