Teens Like It Big review

Teens Like It Big

The Good
  • The performance is always great
  • Features many known pornstars
  • A nice selection of big dick stars
  • Video quality is simply the best
  • Plots are funny and addicting
  • A rich collection of uploads
  • Offers remastered videos
  • Plenty of anal scenes
  • Mobile Support
The Bad
  • Some women will soon be 30
  • Call this site something else
  • Needs real teen pornstars
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  • Number of Videos: 435
  • Pornstars: 411
  • Bonus Sites: Part of Brazzers
  • Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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#1. About Teens Like It Big

This is a free bonus site of the Brazzers network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

Launched back in 2005, TeensLikeItBig is a follow-up of network’s another site called MILFsLikeItBig. The dicks are just as big and instead of MILFs, you get a handful of slutty teen pornstars. Some are older than others.

#2. Content Breakdown by Categories

Out of all the videos I’ve checked, these were the top categories.

All Videos (435)
100 %
Big Dick (433)
American (302)
Natural Tits (245)
24-34 (244)
35 Plus (232)
European (232)
Athletic (205)
Tattoo (198)
Muscular (171)
Anal (91)

#3. First Impressions & User Navigation

The first impression is strong since the whole design smells of quality. The site loads fast and without interruptions. There are no disorienting pop-ups, sneaky or fake stats, poorly implemented design elements, etc. Also, it looks the same as every other Brazzers site. Whatever, it’s just a sales page that shows you the latest uploads.

All the upload dates, view counts, like to dislike ratios as well as pornstar names are here. A skilled masturbator is given all the right tools to evaluate the site. Spoiler alert, it’s worth joining! The trailers can also be viewed by anyone and anywhere. It’s a good design, let’s move on!

#4. Porn Content & Performers

There are two ways in which you can begin a realty porn scene. One is a no fuss intro where it starts with a script that is innocent enough and picks up from there. The second does the same but adds a pre-cut with some intimate moments, sexy dances from the pornstar or other acts that will make you horny immediately. Teens Like It Big goes with the latter.

The scripts are rather straightforward, and it doesn’t take more than 2 to 3 minutes for the sexual tension to start rising. Sometimes it’s a horny teenager that can’t help but get attracted to a stepdad or her best friend’s dad, other times it’s just a random “friend” that gets to pound their holes. The cast is generally good if you aren’t trying to be as picky as mosquito. Yes, the guy that enjoyed coffee didn’t have anything inside the cup nor the “boiling hot” water that accidentally went on male’s shirt caused third degree burns. It’s just a light, fun approach for an excuse to get naked and fuck. That works for me and this isn’t a roleplay site where you insist on an ideal, slow paced plot.

TeensLikeItBig has plenty of memorable scenes and some of them made it to the social media. Remember a hilarious cut where a dad fucked his son’s girlfriend almost next to him since he was too busy playing on the Xbox? That’s from this site, Teens Like It Big! There are many other playful videos and that’s the classic Brazzers style. They don’t care about the 30-minute intros and instead, zoom onto some hilarious reactions, etc.

How’s the performance? It’s all incredibly good from both sides, male and female. The are no awkward cuts because guy’s dick didn’t get hard nor premature ejaculation issues. Think of the best hardcore porn sites and Teens Like It Big is here with the absolute best.

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#4a. Update Frequency

Like with every other bonus site out there, expect at least 1 video and sometimes 2 scenes per month.

#4b. Pornstars

There’s an elephant in the room and that would be female pornstars. I don’t think that calling them “teen” is fair since majority isn’t even close to being 18. Heck, some of them were close to 30-years old and still pretending to be a “schoolgirl” or whatever. That’s cringe as fuck and in terms of integrity, TeensLikeItBig loses a lot of points.

I don’t even understand why that’s the case since Brazzers isn’t known to be slacking in other areas. You could throw money into this issue and solve it in days. There must be thousands of teen sluts that have the looks, experience, and acceptable age. I’m thinking something in the range of 18 to 20-year old. Now, there was a single droplet of a pornstar below 20-years old, but this isn’t enough, not even close!

Maybe my standards are just too high? I’ve checked multiple profiles and on average, the age of these sluts is of around 25-years old. Is that okay for you? Because for me these are way too old to be teens.

Male pornstars are good and with big dicks! That’s it. All the known guys from other Brazzers sites like JMac, Keiran, and so on come to fuck the aspiring female actresses.

#5. Conclusion

TeensLikeItBig suffers from the same issues that are apparent in a schoolgirl porn site BigTitsAtSchool. Some of these pornstars are way too old to be acting like the 18-year old bimbos. This ruins some of the videos while the rest remain top-quality prime cuts.

If you want real teen pornstars, go with the TeamSkeet instead or browse other teen sites. Call this site something else, like “sluts like it big” and it could work, I’d rate it 9.5 out of 10 then. Now, these are not teens.

7 Total Score
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